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Fiber cement siding has become one of the most popular options for homeowners in New England. Its popularity largely depends on the many benefits that fiber-cement offers. From aesthetic appeal to low maintenance, fiber cement is a top choice for many homeowners who are interested in elevating the look and feel of their homes. Have you been contemplating using fiber cement in your next renovation? There are some things you should know. 

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are looking for improved curb appeal, fiber cement siding is a great option. You can opt for pre-painted sidings, like James Hardie’sHardie’s ColorPlus® Technology variety, or have it painted following installation. The beauty of fiber cement siding can remain for a long time compared to other siding materials, such as vinyl. If you ever feel like jazzing up your siding color, it’s easy to repaint in the color of your choosing to give your home a whole new look. However, while being a strong alternative, fiber cement siding doesn’t quite match up to the traditional appeal of cedar siding when you take a closer look.

Fiber Cement Siding is Environmentally Friendly

Fiber cement siding is an option for environmentally conscious and values using green products in their home. Don’t expect fiber cement siding to deteriorate over time like vinyl siding usually does, nor will it add harmful carbon emissions. Since it has a long lifespan, less fiber cement siding impacts landfills than vinyl siding that doesn’t last as long. 

That means less carbon footprint created by fiber cement siding.

Both Fire and Heat Resistant

One of the top benefits of fiber cement siding is that it is resistant to heat and fire. It boasts noncombustible ratings and is a class of its own when compared to vinyl sidings. Fiber cement siding can even stand up to the most intense heat, affecting the structure and strength of the siding. 

Resistant to Insect

Insects are not a factor that impacts fiber cement siding in a way that compromises the material. Unlike older wood siding, that’s prone to damage by insects, like termites and carpenter ants, with time, insects cannot eat through fiber cement siding. That amounts to a safer siding and will remain unaffected by little critters.


If you are wondering about the lifespan of fiber cement siding, the average lifespan is 30 to 50 years with proper installation, which outlasts vinyl siding. Keep in mind that installation and maintenance impact the longevity of fiber cement siding. Proper installation and routine care are essential to extending the life of fiber cement siding. With it being a newer product, there are many poor installation jobs done all around the country. You won’t need to replace fiber cement siding as frequently as other options when done right.

Fiber cement siding is an exciting option but hasn’t shown the proven performance and longevity yet that we’ve seen from traditional siding materials. 


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