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November 7, 2018

Carpentry Inspections: An Investment Instead of an Estimate

     At Tom Curren Companies, we believe customers benefit from the knowledge that carpentry inspections provide through additional [...]

November 7, 2018

Cedar Shingles

     Historically, red cedar has been the premier choice for shingles in the Northeast—a durable, high-quality option for [...]

September 24, 2018

Can you repair rotten trim?

Low-maintenance exteriors have become the gold standard for many customers. That's why engineered alternatives to wood, like composite, have only [...]

     At Tom Curren Companies, we believe customers benefit from the knowledge that carpentry inspections provide through additional information that simple estimates cannot uncover. These carpentry inspections do carry a fee, as they not only tell the customer what the cost of the work is but also include our employees performing a comprehensive service in the process.

     Estimators are generally only able to provide a price based on what they can see from the surface of the job. The estimates generated from these appointments are not based on any in-depth studying, such as climbing on ladders to get a better look or even inspecting and probing the wood itself. These and other processes performed during our inspections are what we use as a basis for the flat fee that our carpentry inspections require. So while a face value estimate may be applicable for many paint and remodeling jobs, the underlying issues often associated with carpentry projects can greatly benefit from this closer look at your home.

     When clients book a carpentry inspection with Tom Curren Companies, they are able to meet with a carpenter that has their CLS (Construction Supervisor License) to perform their inspection. This carpenter will look beyond the specific problems that brought them to the appointment, including walking around the home, inspecting areas that they consider suspicious for structural integrity, and climbing ladders when needed. Free estimates do not include this additional work and careful scrutiny.

     As opposed to a free estimate performed by one of our non-CSL carpenters, these inspections are aimed to prevent potentially slapping a quick fix on top of problems that could result in long-term damage. This in-depth look from the beginning of the job with a CSL carpenter, though incurring a small fee, may save clients from situations like unseen wet, rotted wood that could lead to insect infestations later on. And, if unforeseen carpentry problems are combined with other aspects of the house like paint, customers could paint their entire home’s exterior only to find that the paint will not stick – creating a much greater cost in the long run for both painting and carpentry.

     In order to save our customers both time and money when reviewing more extensive and/or complicated carpentry work, Tom Curren Companies stands behind our carpentry inspection and its flat fee over free estimates in order to get the full scope of the work from the very start of your project.


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