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For decks and trim, Azek is a material that's becoming more popular for its durability and resistance. Azek is made [...]

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For decks and trim, Azek is a material that’s becoming more popular for its durability and resistance. Azek is made from recycled materials and PVC so it isn’t prone to many of the issues that come with wood, like rot and insect damage. With the material becoming more popular for a number of applications throughout a home’s exterior, many homeowners wonder if they can paint Azek and what the process is like.

Why Paint Azek?

While Azek has a clean white look when it’s installed, its lack of texture can lead to dirt, pollen, and other smudges on your home. Even if you’re opting for white trim or decking, painting it will help give the appearance of real wood while reducing maintenance as well. 

Sometimes contractors who are in a hurry will leave nail holes or imperfections with your trim or deck. Having it painting by a professional painter will ensure that Azek approved paint, filler, and caulking are used. This will help extend the life of an already long-lasting building material. You won’t have to worry about fading or chipping at all. 

How to Paint Azek

If you decide on a lighter color to paint with, you’ve got more paint options because you don’t need a reflective option. With darker colors manufacturers recommend, special paint reflects sunlight rather than absorbing as dark colors typically do and heating up too much. With special paint and caulking needed for painting Azek, it’s recommended that you leave this to professionals. Painting the exterior of a home is not an easy task and takes experience to get the job done well. If done correctly, the paint will last longer on Azek without fading than it would on wood. Professional painters will help ensure that the paint cures correctly even in humid summers. 

Can Azek Get Moldy?

The short answer to this question is yes. High humidity can lead to mold on the surface of Azek, the difference between wood and Azek through it that mold is only on the surface of Azek. So you can wash it away easily with pressure washing and all-purpose cleaners. In addition to high-quality, specialized paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams adding to the aesthetic of your home they also add protection from dust, dirt, pollen & more.  

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Azek is an excellent material for decks, trim, and more around your home’s exterior. It helps reduce the maintenance you have to do around the Spring. That’s why it’s becoming one of the most popular building materials around the country.

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