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Remodeling projects can be very frustrating if the contractor keeps wasting your time by ordering materials on an on-demand basis, instead of having all the materials on-site before work begins. Delay and late arrival of materials can be a major setback and a huge waste of everyone’s time.  

Here are the top advantages of working with a contractor who pre-orders all the necessary materials ahead of time:

Saves Time

If your contractor does not have all the materials on-site, midway through your remodeling project, they will probably have to spend time ordering, and then waiting around for the rest of the materials to be delivered. Ordering materials in the middle of the project pushes timelines out and leads to unnecessary delays. Some contractors may even charge you “time & materials,” meaning the extra time it takes to stop and order the materials mid-way through is extra money coming out of your pocket.

Avoids Unplanned Expenses or Changes

If your contractor does not have all the essential materials ready on-site, someone in their team will have to go to confirm that the right materials are dispatched from the supplier, quickly. If that item isn’t typically held in stock, it may take a longer time to ship out, or more money to get it to you in a timely manner. Prices will fluctuate depending on the availability, so although you saw an item at a reasonable price early on, waiting to order until you need it runs the risk of the price being significantly higher, or worse – out of stock!

Ensures Correct Materials Are Used

Taking the time to ensure all materials are there, correct, and undamaged is important! Early material delivery ensures contractors do the crucial stocktaking activity before the project starts. Otherwise, they will pause the project every time materials arrive to verify and ascertain their quality and quantity.  Especially for those contractors that are running a one-person show, it’s time-consuming to double-check all incoming deliveries for any imperfections. 

Prepares for Accidents

As you start off your project, it is essential to ensure your contractor has both the right materials and backup materials on site. In construction processes, accidents often occur, causing some parts or components to chip, tear or break. Having extra materials on-site cushions the contractor from running around looking for replacement materials mid-project. This provides you and the contractor peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen, you have the necessary tools and materials on site.

There is really no downside to having all the materials on-site before starting your remodeling project – unless you don’t have a great place to store it all! At TCC, we store all of your remodeling materials in our warehouse, to keep your job site clean each day. We’ll order the materials upfront, and begin the job once we have all of the necessary items to get going. Remember, it is better to delay the start of a project than to stop midway to retake stock of materials. Always go for contractors who deliver their materials to save your time and money as well as avoid unnecessary delays. 


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