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Replacement Windows

No matter the time of year, there are a four very simple questions to ask if your windows need replacing.

First, were they were installed before the first moon landing? Material manufacturing has made giant leaps since those first fateful steps!

Second, to steal a quote from a popular HBO series, “winter is coming.” If you fear its arrival because frigid air sucks the cold out of your home and ice forms on the sills, you’re donning extra sweaters and turning up the heat to the “inferno” setting, it’s probably time.

Third, if you skip the gym because all your muscle power is used to force the windows up and down, often with strategic banging on the sides or the use of a butter knife to break the paint that has sealed them closed for a generation, it’s time for replacement windows.

And finally, if you’ve been justifying not replacing your windows because the original ones have the quaint New England look, get over it.  High quality windows also look beautiful, can mimic the original look except they need little maintenance, open and close effortlessly and you’ll be cozy on the coldest nights.

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We install high quality replacement windows by Pella in a variety of styles and materials, and our windows can give your home the upgrade it needs to improve appearance and comfort. Our professional window installers can help you determine what the best style of window is for your home’s needs and the look you want. After measurements are taken a proposal is delivered and reviewed. When the custom windows are delivered, the installation process can be done in as little as one day including removal and disposal of the old windows, adding insulation and painting interior and exterior trim.

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At Tom Curren Companies, we offer a variety of easy-to-use financing options for homeowners in Massachusetts. During our in-house visit, one of our specialists will help you find the financing options that work for YOU!

If you’re ready to Improve your home’s appearance and energy efficiency with new windows in Boston Metro area and surrounding suburbs, please call Tom Curren Companies.

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