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Gutter & Downspout Installations

Sometimes the simplest, most basic parts of your home are easily forgotten, or maintenance is overlooked until they fail. These areas often involve the movement of water. Your shingles. Water heaters. And of course, gutters and downspouts.

Well-designed, professionally installed gutters and downspouts add attractive accents to your home while also providing protection against water damage including erosion, plant and lawn damage and basement flooding. By directing roof runoff away from your foundation walls, this drainage system is your first line of defense against basement or crawl space flooding and protects exterior siding and trim from backsplash water that can damage paint and cause wood rot.

Gutter & Downspout Installations in Massachusetts

Tom Curren Companies offer two gutter technologies every homeowner in the Northeast should consider. Gutter Caps can be installed to shield your gutters from collecting leaves, twigs and other debris, this is especially important during the Fall months when leaves, acorns and twigs are everywhere, plugging gutters causing spillovers and potentially water seeping into your home causing rot and even acrid mold and mildew smells. The second product are Heater Caps for use during our cold, icy weather. Ice and snow build up in gutters and begins a cycle of freezing and thawing (Ice-Damming) causing gutter seams to break and gutters to loosen. The buildup of ice behind gutters could cause damage to the fascia and roof. Falling icicles and refreezing ice melt on walkways are a serious hazard as well. Heater Cap gently warms the roof, gutter protection (if present), gutters, and downspouts. Heater Cap is comprised of an encapsulated heat cable that is safely hard wired into the home. Keeping the snow and ice out of the gutters is as easy as flipping a switch.

What to expect

The experts at Tom Curren Companies can install quality gutters, downspouts, Gutter & Heater Caps that will provide effective roof drainage and eliminate ice and debris buildup year-round. Contact us today to get a free estimate on new or replacement gutters and downspouts throughout the Boston Metro area.

A few things to know about gutters and downspouts:

Many homes have gutters and downspouts but still sustain damage because of various problems. Gutters can be clogged with debris, pitched improperly or be undersized for the roof areas they drain. In some situations, downspout extensions may be necessary to direct runoff farther away from the house. Aesthetic considerations are also important. Old gutters and downspouts that are dented or damaged detract from a home’s appearance.

Things to consider when choosing gutters & downspouts

Because older gutters & downspouts can be difficult and costly to repair, many homeowners elect to replace old with new. Gutter and downspout choices are more varied today than ever before. The major decisions are explained below:

Materials: Historically, gutters have been made from many different materials, including wood, steel, copper and seamless aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters are most popular today because of their affordability, durability and color variety.

Color: If you want gutters in a color that matches your house, aluminum is your best choice. Most gutter specialists have access to aluminum gutter stock that can be ordered with factory-applied finishes of different hues.

Style: Different gutter “profiles” are available. Aluminum gutters are often formed in a “K” profile that includes a flat back section and a curved front. Half-round gutters can sometimes be found on older houses.

Size: K-style gutters come in 5-in. and 6-in. sizes. The larger size is usually specified when the roof area being drained is especially large and/or steep. An experienced gutter installer will be able to determine which size is best for your house.

Gutter & Heater Cap: These popular gutter add-ons prevent gutters from clogging and overflowing from debris or ice and snow – a smart addition to any gutter installation.

Additional drainage options: Downspout extensions are sometimes necessary to carry roof runoff away from the house. Many of these simply extend out over the yard or garden, while others consist of buried pipe that drains to a dry well or daylight outlet.

We are the trusted gutter specialists serving Newton, Lexington and nearby.

Smart Financing Options




At Tom Curren Companies, we offer a variety of easy-to-use financing options for homeowners in Massachusetts. During our in-house visit, one of our specialists will help you find the financing options that work for YOU!

Our gutter experts draw on their extensive knowledge and installation experience when evaluating your home. We can spot related problems such as damaged flashing or rotted fascia boards that require replacement or damaged flashing. In addition to gutter and downspout installation, we also offer gutter cleaning and install Gutter Caps to keep your gutter system performing like it should.

Contact the gutter experts at Tom Curren Companies by calling 1-617-969-4900 or fill out the online form for a free inspection and estimate! We offer all our gutter services in Weston, Newton, Lexington, Newton Center, Auburndale, Waltham, Watertown, Natick, Arlington, Concord and throughout the surrounding areas.

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