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It’s common to have a running “wishlist” of projects you want to get done around the house. To save yourself time and money, why not do them all at once? Often times, our clients will come to us for one project and continue to add on more as they see the progress. For this Sudbury referral, that was just the case. 

Initially, we went out to the house for exterior painting changing the home from an old dusty gray, to a fresh new light blue color. While inspecting the home on our first visit, we determined that there was rot that needed to be repaired before we started to paint. Our team removed ⅞’s of the existing siding and replaced it with CVG cedar and WRC and a new vapor barrier. On the remaining small area of siding that was still intact, we reset the nails, re-filled with proper caulking, sanded it down, and spot primed. Once the siding was prepped and primed, our team applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams paint in a light blue Jubilee color. To put the finishing touches on the exterior, we removed, repainted, and rehung the existing shutters in a Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue, to contrast the newly painted siding.

Additionally, our clients wanted to replace all of the original windows on the house to boost curb appeal, and increase energy efficiency. As Pella Certified Contractors, our team recommended installing replacement Pella Architect Series double-hung windows, new standard, and sliding doors, as well as a bay and bow window with unique diamond grills. The diamond grills are truly the standout feature on the house, as they highlight the original colonial character of the home. For the interior of the windows, our team was able to utilize the many colors and options that Pella offers for the interior finish – matching the windows to existing paint & stain colors. 

Along with the visual enhancements to the siding and windows, our team also made a few structural changes that helped increase our clients’ quality of life at home. We replaced four stairs off of the back door with a 4’ x 3’ landing and 5-5 ½” shallow granite steps. Adjacent to these steps was an existing walkout patio off the new Pella sliding door in the back. Our team added one additional granite step leading from the patio to the ground level, where there was previously a slanted sunken brick step. By adding shallow granite steps in both of these places, we were able to give the homeowners peace of mind knowing their steps are sturdy, and will be reliable through all of the New England elements.Archit

Multi-component projects always have the most amazing results, and keep our clients happy for years to come. There is no project too big or small for the TCC Team to take on – give us a call to schedule an estimate today 617-969-4900.


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