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With summer lasting only a few short months, it can seem impossible to squeeze in everything you want to get done around your home. Not to mention, following a busy summer, your project might be waiting at the back of a long queue. Although you may be tempted to push off your exterior painting project until the winter when painters and contractors have more availability, that would be a huge mistake that would ultimately cost you! Leave the exterior painting for the summer, and in the meantime, there are plenty of other projects better suited for the winter months.

Can You Paint a House in the Winter?

Yes and no… Typically our exterior painting season goes from around April to mid-October. Low-temperature paint can be used to extend the season when the weather is less than favorable, however, winter house painting comes with risks. Without waiting for the proper conditions your exterior paint could suffer from mildew, peeling, bubbling, cracking, low sheen, color inconsistencies, or adhesion problems. Then you’ll be stuck footing the bill to hire another exterior painting contractor to fix what the first painter left behind! Instead of risking a bad exterior paint job in the winter, it’s best to wait until the right time of year – in the meantime, paint your interior!

Why You Should Avoid Painting in Winter:

Water-based paints, like latex and acrylic, require specific conditions to cure properly. When the weather is too cold, or too hot, it affects the chemicals in the paint and prevents them from bonding together properly. Most traditional latex-based paints won’t cure at temperatures below 60°F – the cold weather can affect the color and quality of the paint, making it lose its glossiness, or appear cloudy and blotchy. Luckily, some paint manufacturers have created low-temperature paint that can be applied in temperatures below 60°F, but despite advertising that the paint can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can or should paint on a 35°F day. To pull off exterior painting in the winter, it doesn’t matter how good the quality of your paint is, what matters is the quality of your contractor– don’t let them pull a fast one on you and say they’ll paint your house on a 50°F day when the forecast predicts it’s going right back down to 20°F that night!

Paint takes time to cure, and the air temperature needs to remain above the minimum recommended temperature (40°F) for the entire curing process, not just during the application. A good contractor will wait for the right weather before painting your exterior to make sure that the paint performs like it should and looks great – especially if they offer a 5-year paint warranty like Tom Curren Companies does. If there happens to be a week of unseasonably warm weather, you might be able to get away with painting in the late fall or early spring, but it’s still not recommended to paint in the winter in New England. The ideal conditions for exterior painting range from 50°F to 85°F, with little to no wind, and between 40%-70% humidity…but good luck finding consistent 50°F+ weather with no wind, and no rain or snow during a Massachusetts winter!

Can You Paint Interior Walls in the Winter?

While the weather outside is frightful, your interior can look delightful! Interior painting isn’t weather dependent, so despite the rain, sleet, and snow, our painters and carpenters are ready to tackle all of your interior painting or remodeling projects. Some homeowners prefer to schedule work to be done at their home while they are away over the Holidays, so they don’t have to worry about living without use of their kitchen or living room for the week. However, there’s no need to go away in order to have your project completed in the winter – we make it painless for homeowners to live in their homes during a project. By utilizing zip walls, plastic barriers, and HEPA dustless vacuums, we are able to isolate the workspace from the rest of your home, preventing the spread of fumes and mess. 

All year round, we offer interior painting services to homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their homes. Unhappy with the color of your kitchen, bedroom, or any other room in your home? The right combination of paint can completely change the look and feel of your home. If you need help deciding on a paint color, ask for one of our Color-Safe Selection Guides with pre-curated color samples to help you to get started! 

Work With a Professional Painting Company

Home improvement projects are an investment in your home. If you want to see a good return on your investment, it’s important to dedicate the time and energy to making sure that you hire an experienced contractor who uses top-of-the-line product and the best processes to make sure that your project is done right the first time! 

At Tom Curren Companies, we’re dedicated to making homes more beautiful! We’ve helped thousands of homeowners create their dream homes, and we’re not stopping there. The painting professionals at Tom Curren Companies are here to help you with your next interior or exterior painting project. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation at— 617-969-4900. 


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