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Whether you’re ready to put the finishing touches on a newly built home, or you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective way to refresh your home’s ambiance, a new coat of paint is probably in your house’s future. Changing up the colors of the walls and ceilings is the perfect way to create an overall mood of the room. How do you know which colors to choose? We’ve gathered a few handy tips to help you choose the best paint color for your home.  

Select a Scheme

To choose a color for your home that you’re going to love, you need to create a color scheme. A color scheme is basically a set of three or four colors that go well together. If you aren’t sure which colors work well together, choose a piece of furniture, a throw pillow, or a piece of art that you love, and that is going to be in the same room that you’re painting. Pick out three colors that you like from the item, colors that make you feel the way you want to feel while being in the room. Once you’ve decided, work with a professional painting contractor and decide on a color. Choose your favorite three.

Once you have your three shades chosen, you get to decide where the colors go. The main color will be your wall color, and the remaining two will be used as accent colors around the room. These colors, or any of the three color strips, can be used around the whole home. As a final touch, select a fourth complementary color to introduce to each room to further the cohesion throughout the house.

Choose Colors for Mood

There have been several studies done on the psychology of color that have found that colors can greatly affect our moods without us even realizing it. For example, red is a color that induces appetite – which is why you’ll see restaurants use red liberally in their logos. It’s also why professional designers also use burgundy and crimson shades in dining rooms.

As far as choosing colors for your home, take into account the moods you want to set in each room. Blues and greens can be calming and relaxing, while warm browns and deep oranges can be welcoming and social.

Know Warm vs. Cool Tones

When you’re choosing a color, especially a shade of white, you’ll want to understand the difference between warm and cool tones. Warm tones will have orange, yellow, or brownish undertones and are suitable for entryways and living spaces that should feel warm and welcoming. Cool colors will have blue or grey undertones and can make a space feel larger, lighter, and airier. Play around with warm and cool versions of your chosen colors – you might be surprised which version you prefer!

When it comes down to it, choosing the right color for your home should be a fun and creative experience. If you need help selecting and applying just the right shade, whether inside or out, the experts at Tom Curren Companies can help you get just the right look and mood. Contact us today.


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