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Paint color is a significant element when it comes to house design and giving it that added wow factor. There’s more to color than simply different pigments. Colors can impact a space in a number of ways, such as creating a certain mood/feel, or making it appear larger or smaller than its actual size. You want your home to feel warm and inviting and certain colors can do just that for your home no matter the season. Here’s a look at some paint colors that will warm up your home. 

Colors That Reminds You of a Hot Summer Day

What colors are associated with a hot summer day? Red and yellow are colors that are typically used to represent the sun, fire, or heat. Warmth and comfort are also denoted by the paint color brown. Red and yellow as stand-alone colors would be less than ideal for painting your home during the winter because they are overly vibrant. However, you can still benefit from using colors that have reddish and yellowish undertones. Natural browns denote warmth and comfort and can help to create a cozy feeling in your home, as well as creamy whites, beiges, and toned-down reds, which could serve as accent colors too.

Warm Color Combinations

It can be a challenge choosing the right paint color for your home when you want to achieve the feeling of warmth. Before you head to the paint store think about how you can play with color palettes and achieve the warm feeling that you seek from your choice of paint color. Color combinations can help you to achieve that end if you make the right pairing. For instance, deep green-grey and creamy white trim colors can work together to give off warmth in any season.

How about pairing aqua with warm browns, or classic cream with shades of honey, or basic beige with mustard yellow? These can work to evoke more than just the feeling of warmth to your space, but to also add interest as well.  

Warm Paint Colors That Can Do the Trick

It’s not all about whites and grays when it comes to colors that can warm up your home. Neutrals like brown and tan. Porpoise is a beautiful dark brown paint color that contains hints of gray and green. You can get enough drama from this color without overwhelming the space. Natural tones often complement each other, other features, and decor in a home.


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