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Cabinet refinishing and painting was one of the most popular home improvement trends we noticed in 2021. Many of the homes in New England have cabinets with so much character that are in great shape, but they just need a bit of fixing up. Cabinet painting is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a quick makeover. When considering painting your cabinets versus replacing them, you’re probably wondering, does painting kitchen cabinets last? We broke it down for you:

How long will painted cabinets last?

Cabinet Painting in Belmont, MAWith proper care of professionally painted kitchen cabinets, you can expect your newly painted cabinets to last 8-10 years. However, there are a few things that can drastically shorten this timeframe, leaving you needing them repainted 3-4 years later. 

How long painted cabinets last will depend on a few key factors:

Worn Down Cabinets In High-Traffic Kitchen Areas

Your kitchen is a high-traffic area, so naturally over time, your cabinets will show signs of wear whether they’re re-painted, or brand-new. The cabinet faces you use most frequently around the trash, stove, and sink will usually show sooner than others. This is the same for bathroom vanities or built-ins at your home – the drawers and doors that get the most use will start to show signs first. That said, if the cabinets are painted correctly and well maintained, you shouldn’t notice this for many years.

Cabinet Painting Preparation

Cabinet Paint Grain FillerBefore painting cabinets, the surfaces must be well prepared. If cabinets are painted without preparing the surfaces, the paint will not last, and you’ll end up needing touch-ups shortly after. All cabinet faces and boxes need proper sanding, patching, cleaning, and priming to avoid compromising the final result. One major step that many painters miss, is using grain filler when painting wood cabinets. This extra step is the difference between seeing wood grains poking through the paint, and having a nice clean finish that looks brand new.

Skills for Professionally Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet painting requires someone with adequate experience and expertise if you want long-lasting results. If you decide to do the project alone, or with an inexperienced painter, you may not love the outcome. There is a big difference between work done by a professional and by someone with no experience, which is why we test and train our painters thoroughly before starting any projects in a client’s home. For a factory-finish look, it’s important not to cut corners.

Tools for Professionally Painted Cabinets

Painters use different tools during the application process, which can all produce different finishes and styles. For example, using a spray brush will yield different results than a roller. Your cabinets will definitely wear off faster if painters cut corners buying cheap tools at any stage: from prep-work, to priming, and all the way to applying the final coat. A professional painter should have the right painting tools to leave your cabinets smooth with an incredible transformation that will stand the test of time.

High-Quality Paint Products For Cabinet Painting

There are different types of paints that you can use on your cabinets, but the quality plays a large role in how long the cabinets will last. At Tom Curren Companies, we use high-end paint products to give our clients quality, long-lasting finishes for their cabinets. Typically, our team uses Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams primer and lacquer paint products. We do this because cabinets with lacquer finishes will inherently last longer than other types because of the quality, and its thickness.

This article should help you make informed decisions when choosing whether to paint or replace your cabinets. By knowing what affects the longevity of your cabinet painting project, you’ll be able to ask the right questions when speaking to a painter. For more questions about cabinet painting, or to chat with one of our cabinet consultants, please give us a call 617-969-4900!

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