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Cabinet painting is a great option to consider for any of your home improvement projects – it’s a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on craftsmanship or finishes. Typically, we see cabinets painted in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and bedrooms. 

We’ve worked with plenty of clients who have chosen to paint their cabinets over replacing them – here are the main reasons why:

Give Dated Cabinets A Contemporary Look

Darker colored cabinets were very popular a few years ago, but now make some kitchens feel too small and stuffy. Of course, in some kitchens dark cabinets look stunning! Many people paint their cabinets because they think their cabinets look “dated” compared to the rest of their home, and they want a fresh new look. Cabinet painting is one easiest ways to give your kitchen a makeover that you’ll love for years to come! 

Maintain Historic New England Charm

Many homes in New England were built hundreds of years ago, and still have some of the original design elements.  In homes where the cabinets may still be in great shape but could use a little bit of TLC, cabinet painting is a great way to preserve the character of the cabinets while maintaining and enhancing its original charm. 

Update Cabinets That Are Slightly Worn Down, But Not Worth Tossing

An original “factory finish” cabinet is designed to last 8 to 10 years on average. Many homeowners notice their cabinets have yellowed over time and look completely different from when they were installed. This is a common problem with most alkyd resin paint products which tend to yellow over time and with certain nitrocellulose lacquers. In these cases, painting your cabinets, correctly, is a great option to save money while adding years of life to your cabinets!

Repurpose Cabinets For Another Use

If you’re replacing cabinets in your home, but don’t want to part with the original cabinets yet, repurpose them! Just because your cabinets once were in your kitchen, doesn’t mean they can’t be used elsewhere in your home. From using repainted cabinets as the base of a new desk, to  built-in storage in the basement or playroom, the options are endless. Plus, if we add a pop of color to your repurposed cabinets, you’ll barely even remember what they looked like in your kitchen before!

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons you may want to consider painting your cabinets, versus fully replacing them, depending on your goals & the current state of your cabinets. By opting to have your cabinets repainted or stained, you’ll save both time and money on your project, while still receiving a beautiful finished product. To discuss your specific cabinet needs, feel free to give us a call 617-969-4900!


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