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Massachusetts has some of the most beautiful and historic homes in the country. Owning a home in Massachusetts means you get to be part of that history and enjoy the beautiful state all at the same time! Massachusetts sees harsh weather and varying temperatures throughout the year, so having great siding on your home is essential. Siding helps to protect against weather, maintain internal temperature of the home, keeps pests out, and more. If you’re not sure where to start or what type of siding is the best fit for your Massachusetts home, we’re happy to help! 

Classic Clapboards 

Clapboards scream New England and fit perfectly with the architectural design of many homes in the area. Paul Revere’s home even featured classic clapboard siding! Clapboards are made of wood and provide crisp, clean lines along the home’s exterior. Clapboard is great at withstanding harsh Massachusetts winters and look truly timeless. They do require regular maintenance to have a long lifespan, so choosing clapboards for your home is a commitment, but it’s all worthwhile when you see how great they look on the home! 

Low-Maintenance Siding 

If the maintenance involved in classic clapboards isn’t something you want to take on, you’re not alone. Low-maintenance siding options have continued to gain popularity in recent years. Composite siding products, like vinyl, are nice because they don’t need to be painted, stained, or sealed. The cost of installation is typically cheaper too. Composite siding doesn’t bring the same personality to a home that wood does, but it does come in almost any color you can imagine! 

Fiber Cement Siding 

Fiber Cement siding is the best of both worlds for many homeowners. It has a fire-resistant surface that is much safer than wood siding or clapboards. It can be purchased in a variety of colors, but it can also be finished to look just like real wood siding! Your home will have the street appeal of wood siding with the convenience, safety, and low maintenance of a composite siding. 

Look into the history of your home and speak with neighbors to learn more about the siding that was originally installed on the home. The architect that designed the home likely had a specific vision in mind, and the more you stick to that vision the better your home should look. To learn more about siding on your Massachusetts home, contact Tom Curren Companies today! Rather your current siding is in need of maintenance or you’re looking to invest in new siding, our team can help. We are proud to serve the residents of Massachusetts and help maintain the historic beauty of the area while bringing a modern vision to life! 


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