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You may have realized that your home’s windows are in need of a replacement, but you aren’t sure if now is a good time. Replacing your windows may seem like something that needs to be done in the Spring and Summer only, but there is actually no wrong time to replace your home’s windows. There are advantages and disadvantages to replacing your windows during any time of year, but you’ll certainly enjoy the natural light and energy-efficiency during all four seasons. 

Increased Competition

In the Spring and Summer, homeowners all over your area are looking to replace their windows because it’s easier to spot imperfections or damage when it’s sunny out. Beyond that, most homeowners wait until the weather thaws to begin planning their remodeling projects, so you won’t just be competing for windows but all types of exterior remodeling. It can be tough to find a trusted contractor during these times of year because all of the high-quality teams are busy.

Demand from homeowners is typically lower in winter months because homeowners fear that window replacements can’t be done in the winter or fall. During installation, though, your home’s interior isn’t exposed for very long, so it isn’t at risk of becoming damaged. Installing in the winter can give you a lot more flexibility compared to spring and summer. You won’t need to schedule your life around a window installation. You can instead schedule it for a time that works best for you and your family.

Save Money

Contractors are inundated with requests for everything from decks, to gutters, to bathrooms in the warm weather months, so it’s possible that a window replacement job could cost your more in the summer because of the high demand. It’s just the opposite in the fall and winter though; you can save money because the contractor’s phone likely isn’t as active as they are during April. Beating the rush can end up saving you some serious money.

If your home’s windows are damaged in the winter, it’s crucial that you get them replaced immediately. If your windows aren’t working correctly, they cost you lots of money through wasted heating and cooling costs. The longer you wait to replace your windows, the further issues can escalate and cost you money. Installing replacement windows is a great investment in your home to boost its value but also reduce your costs year to year, plus a cold-weather installation will save you money right off the bat. 

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