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Are you considering a home renovation to improve the lighting in your home? Going the natural way is a good option that can complement artificial lighting in any space, or be the only lighting needed to illuminate your room. Natural lighting has its advantages, from improving the mood of a space to reducing energy consumption. How do you effectively add natural light to your home renovation? There are several ways that you can achieve this end and make the space look desirable. 

Window Replacement or Addition

Does your home have a side window? Even if you have privacy concerns, you can install a well-positioned window on the side of your home that will let in adequate light and still maintain your privacy. A new window can elevate the mood of your space as well. A window replacement is also a good way to improve lighting in your home. Consider a bay window, for example, as a replacement for small windows, which can help to make a room appear more spacious while letting in more sunlight. In general, worn, damaged, or old/dated windows tend to diminish in function. Windows with colonial grid-patterned glass and heavy frames, for example, can limit light in the interior and view. Replacement windows may be just what your home needs to be brighter and well-lit.

Consider a Skylight

Adding natural light in a space that doesn’t seem quite right for a window to be added is possible with a skylight. Whether you choose fixed skylights that provide light only or a remote-operated variety, this option can efficiently light up your space and make it stylish too. Some skylights have built-in blinds for your convenience to control the amount of light entering the space.

Opt for Wall Space With Glass Blocks

Have you ever considered glass blocks as a lighting solution? This is an effective way to add natural light to your space, although it may not be the simplest option. You can add an adequate amount of light by using glass blocks for your exterior walls, which typically blocks light from entering a space. Don’t think of glass blocks as structural replacements for your wall system. When installing, they require headers to keep them in place.

Paint Ceilings, Lighter and Brighter

Painting ceilings in colors that are lighter and brighter is ideal for adding natural lighting to your home when renovating. White is especially a popular choice when adding light ceiling paint to brighten up a space. Go for paints with a solid light reflectance value, or LRV, ranging from 100% for pure white down to 0% for the darkest color. White is known for reflecting light, which is why it’s a great ceiling option for adding light to a space. Other light colors can also do the trick. 

Replacing your windows has a host of benefits, from enhancing the natural lighting in your space to increasing the value of your home. There are many stylish window replacement options on the market. Ask the experts for help if you have questions about windows for your next renovation. Contact Tom Curren Companies today.


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