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Now more than ever, dedicated outdoor areas are becoming an important extension of our homes’ living space. In the last seven months, we’ve had to reevaluate our home’s functionality. What was once a spare bedroom is now a home office, basements into gyms and family rooms into classrooms. As our views on space have shifted, so has our ability to expand our traditional indoor living spaces into our own backyards. 

Today, more and more of our clients are improving upon their current decks and transitioning them into usable square footage. From family gatherings, to socially distant entertaining, to relaxing in the fresh air, decks are becoming a valued commodity. With the help of TCC, our new Concord client upgraded her existing space to better accommodate her needs. We first determined that the deck’s structural support, posts and footings were sound- only requiring for redecking rather than a full replacement. The original deck felt closed off from the rest of the backyard, causing our team to remedy this by creating a new larger opening off the back of the deck. New footings were added to allow for proper support of the new entryway. Trex composite in Pebble Gray was used for the deck resurfacing. This is a durable, easy to maintain product that provides a wood-like grain pattern. Timbertech’s White Radiance Railings completed the project, providing long lasting durability and appeal to this upgraded space. 

Our client’s now have a space suitable for entertaining, creating an extension from their kitchen. With the addition of the new deck entryway, they can now transition seamlessly and make use of their entire backyard. At Tom Curren Companies, we can create the outdoor space of your dreams. Call us today for your free consultation!


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