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Final Project Details:

Project Details: Full house exterior and partial deck painting & carpentry

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams, Attitude Gray 

Town: Concord, MA

Before Tom Curren Arrived: 

These homeowners wanted to make their home a little more modern by changing the color of the exterior to an earth tone. This would give the house a wow factor and instantly make it more appealing to the eye. After the initial meeting, these fantastic clients agreed to work with TCC and so began our work!

Our Process: 

We take great pride in being as meticulous as possible when it comes to all of the work we do here at TCC. For a job like this, before we even discuss painting, we do a thorough inspection of the exterior to make sure there isn’t damage that needs to be dealt with beforehand. In this case, five feet of fascia and soffit were removed from the garage, an additional five feet of soffit by the back door and two pieces of rafter tail trim were removed. Our crews then began the washing of the exterior with jomax and bleach to get rid of any excess debris. From there, the siding, foundation, trim, window casings, window sash and doors were scraped, feather sanded, primed and applied with two full coats of Attitude Grey from the Sherwin Williams Collection. We applied a stain on the deck railings and wooden section of the porch as well for a truly picture perfect finish! The homeowners were so pleased with the experience and the final product that they left us a marvelous review on google which is added below!

After Tom Curren Left:

Making homes just a little bit better than what they were is what we are passionate about. We believe in a great experience from start to end, not just the finished product. We are so happy we can provide an overall satisfying experience for this new client and can’t wait for the opportunity to better their home once again!

Exterior Color Change Before in Concord, MA


Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray Exterior Color Change in Concord, MA


Full Exterior Color Change in Concord, MA



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