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Prior to working with our team, this Burlington home had a second-story deck off of their living room that was tired and unused. When the Tom Curren Companies team arrived at this home there was an existing large pressure-treated deck with a wood staircase leading down to a wood landing on the ground. The wood landing sat aside a large concrete patio downstairs off of the basement sliding door. The entire deck looked worn out, and it was evident that it needed a lot of attention in order to make it more beautiful and functional.

Our team removed the existing pressure treated wood boards, railings, footings, and joist hangers, and replaced them with beautiful composite material. We used slate gray Azek composite decking and white composite trim, which made this space more visually appealing. More than just adding curb appeal, using Azek composite material will keep this deck protected from the elements long term. For the new support beams, we decided on 4” x 6” pressure treated posts with anchored feet drilled concrete footings.

To enhance the flow and transition of the upper deck to the lower patio, we replaced the stairs with Azek composite decking as well, and removed the existing wood landing on the ground level.  Our team replaced the wood landing with a 6’ x 6’ concrete pour landing connected to the lower basement patio. The lower concrete patio and landing made the whole space look more complete and cohesive. This transformation breathed new life into the deck, making the house look more modern and up to date.

Our happy clients now use their updated space as an extension of their living room to grill, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors. With a deck this large, it’s perfect for social distanced gatherings, and enjoying meals outdoors. If you don’t use your deck because it’s rotting or just needs a little TLC, contact us today – 617-969-4900!


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