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Both decks and patios can be an excellent addition to any home’s outdoor space. They can both boost the value of your home and provide your home with curb appeal. There are some major differences between decks and patios though, with this blog we are going to discuss the key differences between decks and patios and the advantages of each to help you decide which would be ideal for your home. 

Key Differences

The most notable difference between decks and patios is that patios are built at ground level, and decks are built raised, sometimes with a platform and sometimes attached to a home. Decks give you the ability to take advantage of views in your neighborhood because they can be built at varying heights. You can extend your home’s living space with either option, but if you want to extend the second level of your home, decking should be your choice. 


Traditionally, decks are made of wood, but today many composite decking options exist. More often than not, they include some kind of railing and stairs. In New England homes, decks are usually larger than patio surfaces, so they’re ideal for homeowners that like to entertain and use their outdoor space often. Decks are highly customizable when it comes to the materials that you can select for your project, and if you decide on a wooden deck, you can alter its appearance with paints and stains. You won’t be bothered by warm Massachusetts summers on your deck, because wood stays much cooler than cement, brick, or stone. Building a deck is one of the home improvement projects with the highest return on investment, so it’s excellent for you to enjoy and if you ever decide to sell your home, it’s a great investment. 


Patios can be a quick project to add some character to your home’s outdoor space and a space to entertain and relax. There are so many different materials available when it comes to patios, that’s one of their biggest strengths. Pretty much any material you select, though, can become very hot in the sun all day, so if you opt for a patio, you’ll want to pick up some flip flops as well so you don’t burn your feet. Creative homeowners can add outdoor kitchens or fireplaces to their patio for even more entertaining prowess.

The Decision

While both are tremendous options, decks are the ideal option for New England homes. One of the main reasons for this is that decks can be built on hilly ground while patios need a flat surface to be built on. In Massachusetts, there are many hills and slopes that make patio installations difficult, requiring the ground to be flattened. Really, it depends on the outdoor space that you have, whether a patio or deck is right for you.

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