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There’s nothing our team loves more than creating new outdoor living spaces at our client’s homes. This Weston home had a very flat backyard with nothing compelling to bring the homeowners outdoors. After meeting with Tom Curren Companies, we drew up a beautiful new deck for the clients with easy access right from their back door. The deck is directly off of the living room, making it the perfect transition between their indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, with 14’ long gradual stairs leading down to the backyard. Before this deck existed, our clients had no feasible way of comfortably spending time with friends or family outdoors. Now, they’ll be creating a ton of lasting memories on their spacious deck. From relaxing time in the sun, to cookouts and dinner parties, this new outdoor living space gives our clients plenty of options to enjoy the fresh air!


We built this new deck from the ground up, and began by digging out the foundation and setting concrete footings into the ground. Around the skirt boards and stair risers we used sturdy Azek PVC trim and topped the deck off with Pau Lope Ipe decking. Our painters added two coats of Premium Benjamin Moore exterior latex paint to the new PVC composite trim and skirt boards, but left the Pau Lope decking unfinished. Using Pau Lope decking materials requires a unique skill set and understanding of how to properly install and maintain the deck. We left this decking material natural and unfinished so that overtime it will oxidize and change into a soft grey patina. To protect the new deck from New England’s seasonal elements, our team sealed the deck with a clear, water resistant wax.


Our clients were thrilled with the addition of this beautiful new deck, adding nearly 500 square feet of living space as well as additional value to their home. Not sure if your yard is suitable for a deck? No problem – we’ll come up with creative ways to give you the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. Contact us today to discuss options with one of our expert estimators – 617-969-4900.


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