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One of the main focal points of your kitchen is your cabinets. They influence the overall feel of the room. Having well-maintained cabinets are important as well because if they are not functional, you will not be able to keep your kitchen neat or organized.

As much daily use as cabinets get, it is inevitable that they will get some wear and tear. Once they start getting in poor shape, or you just want an update to your kitchen, you need to decide how to move forward. Are you going to reface the cabinets, or completely replace them?

What does that mean? What is the difference? How do I decide which is best for my home? Below I have listed some information that I hope will be helpful in you making a decision.

Refinish Cabinets 

The best and most straightforward way to give your kitchen cabinets a new appearance is by refinishing them. Kitchen cabinet refinishing involves giving a facelift to your existing cabinets. It’s a much more affordable option that uses your original cabinet structure, including drawers and doors. 

The refinishing process starts with planning and then removing the cabinet doors and hardware and sanding away the old stain or paint. Then a new color choice is chosen with updated hardware. Once everything is re-installed, your kitchen cabinets have a new life. 

Refinishing your cabinets takes significantly less time than a kitchen cabinet remodel and is perfect for homes with cabinets that are still structurally sound. Sometimes you’ve got high-quality cabinetry, but you’re a little tired of its appearance; refinishing is the way to go. 

Replacing Cabinets

There are times when refacing your cabinets is not going to be an option, and they must be replaced. A replacement is crucial once the structural integrity is no longer intact.

When replacing cabinets, the existing cabinets are removed entirely, and completely new cabinets are installed. It is not a simple task to replace cabinets, especially ones that are falling apart. You should hire a contractor with experience to replace your kitchen cabinets. It is an important job and needs to be precise. You can expect to pay around twelve and twenty thousand dollars for contractor-grade cabinets.

You should choose to replace your cabinets when you are constructing a new house, bumping out your kitchen, or building a new addition that contains a kitchen. You should also choose replacement when you are creating a new kitchen layout or remodeling the entire kitchen. It is recommended to replace your cabinets when the cabinet boxes, drawers, or cabinet doors are in bad shape.

Whichever you choose to do, to reface your cabinets or replace your cabinets, you should do what is best for your home. Kitchen cabinets can really improve your kitchen.

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