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Painting your home is a great way to bring new life to an outdated space. From adding a statement wall to one room to repainting the whole exterior, there really are endless painting possibilities! Painting is not as easy as just slapping a new color on a wall though. There’s a lot of preparation and work that goes into the job to achieve a great end result. Certain areas are especially hard to reach, so how are you supposed to paint them?! There’s no simple answer, but these tips will make this tricky task a lot easier! 

Prepare Before You paint 

Take plenty of time to prepare the space you’re going to paint before you start. With hard-to-reach areas, the less careful you have to be, the better! That means taping off corners, outlet covers, and any other areas that aren’t meant to be painted. Remove wall hangings and cover the flooring with plastic sheeting. Furniture should be moved or covered too. Prepare the space so you can focus on getting the paint where it needs to go without worrying about causing damage to other items in the process. 

Add Extenders to Brushes and Rollers 

Brush and roller extenders are extremely helpful tools for painting hard-to-reach areas. Extenders attach to your painting supplies to give you more reach without climbing on a ladder. This makes the job less physically demanding too! The only downside to using extenders is that the further away you are from your brush or roller, the harder it is to control. 

Get a Good Ladder 

Extenders are a great tool, but they won’t work for intricate spaces and can’t reach every height. Invest in a good ladder at the start of your painting project. A ladder you feel comfortable on that provides a good level of height will give you the ability to reach the places where your extenders can’t. You’ll also be able to get closer to areas that require close attention that an extender won’t provide. 

Hire a Professional 

If all of this preparation and purchasing tools to make the paint job a DIY project sounds too overwhelming, hire a professional! Hiring a professional is the easiest way to get your painting project done with minimal stress and time taken out of your day. By the time you purchase all the tools you’ll need to reach high areas, a DIY painting project won’t be much cheaper than hiring someone who already has the tools they need. You’ll also be able to sit back and relax, knowing that the end result will look great! 

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