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Your kitchen is a space where you and your family come together to make delicious meals, so making it more personal and inviting is crucial. Creating the perfect color scheme for a smaller kitchen can feel daunting, as there is an infinite number of tones, hues, and shades to choose from. Whether you prefer boldly saturated hues or subtle neutrals, the right color combination can really change up the look of your space.

So, what color scheme is right for your kitchen? If you have a small, or narrow kitchen, here are a  few popular color trends that will help open it up:

Focus on Lighter Colors

When you have a long, narrow kitchen, it can feel small and cluttered. Dark colors absorb light making the space feel tiny, claustrophobic, and oppressive. You can make your kitchen feel bigger by using lighter colors as they reflect light and make the walls recede, enhancing the sense of space. When you use lighter colors on the cabinets and countertops, you create a seamless space without boundaries or edges. Use several shades of white, pastel colors, pale green, light purple, and pale blue colors on the cabinets and counters to make your kitchen feel larger and brighter.

Simplify the Color Palette

When choosing a color combination, try to limit colors to just two or three principal shades. A simple color palette with little difference between colors such as gray and white, or a completely monochromatic scheme prevents the kitchen from looking too busy. But, don’t try to use the same exact shade on the cabinets and countertops. Instead, incorporate colors with relative value or choose a combination of the same color with slight variations in tones to create a look that blends well together.

Use a Low-Contrast Color Scheme

While it’s essential to create a blended look, using a color scheme with little difference between colors helps create contrast. This makes the space larger than it already is while adding a bit of color to your kitchen. Painting the inside of your cabinet drawers a different color or going with a different color scheme for the upper and lower cabinets is one way to create a low-contrast scheme. You can also choose a different neutral option for the countertop; for example, white marble or light shades of granite pair beautifully with dark kitchen cabinets.

There are infinite color combinations to choose from, and no color trend advice should keep you from going with your gut, or something you love! However, these tried and true color combinations have helped many smaller kitchens feel larger than normal – and they can help yours too! If you’re interested in switching up the colors of your kitchen, give us a call! We can help you decide on the perfect color scheme for your home.


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