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Choosing paint colors for your small kitchen can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make while renovating. In recent years, all-white kitchens emerged as a major kitchen trend that many homeowners were choosing during remodeling and painting projects. White kitchens are great for homeowners who want a bright kitchen with a clean look that also makes your small kitchen feel more open. However, if you’re looking to add a little color to your kitchen, we have some small kitchen paint color suggestions to get you inspired!

There are thousands of options, and if you don’t already have an idea of what color you’d like to go with, it can be an intimidating process. Before deciding on a color scheme, it’s important to understand how certain colors can influence your space. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen there are certain color palettes that will be more flattering in your kitchen than others. Whether you prefer boldly saturated gem-tones or subtle beachy neutrals, the right color combinations can drastically change your space.

So where do you start when deciding on a small kitchen paint color palette? Natural colors are the central idea behind many of the current design trends and the best paint colors for small kitchens in 2022. If you have a small kitchen, here are some ideas for colors that can inspire you with your next kitchen remodeling project in Newton, MA!

Light Paint Colors in Your Kitchen

Small Kitchen Paint Colors White Cabinets

If you have a small kitchen, you may want to avoid painting it a dark color. Dark colors can make your kitchen feel even more enclosed and claustrophobic – which isn’t how you want to feel in a space that’s already tight. One trick to make your space feel larger is using lighter colors, like neutrals or pastels in your kitchen’s color scheme. Where dark colors absorb natural light to make a room feel smaller, neutrals and pastels do the opposite and reflect the light that is available.

Neutral Kitchen Colors

Many homeowners have gravitated towards using colors that make their space feel cozy rather than crisp. Especially if you have a small kitchen, you want to be paying attention to how colors are interacting inside the space. Warm-toned neutrals can evoke feelings of coziness because of the red and yellow hues that are reminiscent of the sun or heat, and blue and greens can create feelings of peacefulness.

Neutrals like oatmeal, buttermilk, or sand are in high demand for kitchens in Newton, MA. Warm-toned off-white colors allow light to bounce around without giving a room the same sterile feeling that cool-toned whites can have. Neutrals are also a great option for kitchens because, in addition to brightening up your space, they’re easy to decorate. Neutral colors pair well with a range of colors and design elements, and complement any decorating style from modernism to art deco and more.

Pastel Kitchen Paint Colors

Pastels are popular in kitchens because they have the same brightening effect as off-whites. having a clean, visual appeal. Whether you want to give your walls or your cabinets a little pop, or just a subtle hint of color, pastels have the ability to inject a lot of personality into your kitchen without sacrificing design flexibility.

Small Kitchen Paint Colors

By color drenching your kitchen with a monochromatic palette, you can transform your small kitchen into a contemporary dream. A low-contrast color scheme makes your kitchen appear larger by creating a flow throughout the entire room. Without a large pop of color to break up different surfaces, a low-contrast color scheme in your small kitchen aids to the illusion of lengthening the walls and space.

If you’re wondering how to blend a small kitchen with a living room paint color, using a low-contrast color scheme will help you do so seamlessly. Blending a small kitchen with adjoining living room paint colors can be tricky to accomplish, especially when using severely contrasting colors. In this case, lighter colors will likely be your best friend, leaving the whole space looking and feeling larger.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are a hot design trend that creates depth in your kitchen by creating the illusion of sections with different paint colors. This stylistic approach can easily make a small kitchen appear more spacious without necessarily doing anything more than painting a set of cabinets – which can save you thousands of dollars and time on your kitchen renovation. If you’d like to achieve the two-toned cabinet look, consider painting your cabinets, there are many small kitchen paint colors to combinations to consider.

Small Kitchen Remodel Cabinet Painting

If you have an island in your kitchen, consider creating a focal-point shift by painting the island a different color than the rest of the cabinets. If you don’t have an island, you can still accomplish the two-toned kitchen look by painting the bottom cabinets a different color than the top. Be sure to keep the darker color on the bottom cabinets so that the top cabinets don’t overpower the room and make it feel topheavy. By keeping darker colors and finishes on the bottom, and lighter colors on the top you’ll have a more open feel.

Simplify the Color Palette in Your Kitchen

When deciding which small kitchen paint colors are right for your home, you need to decide on a color palette. For your small kitchen, it’s best to limit the colors to just one or two principal shades. A simple two-tone color palette or a monochromatic scheme prevents a small kitchen from getting overwhelmed and muddled with too many colors. By limiting your color palette and selectively using darker or bolder colors, you can create a dynamic kitchen design that distracts from the size of the kitchen, and refocuses on the design and use of color.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Remodeling Newton MA

Any color you decide on will ultimately look great combined with a soft neutral, or white. These are a few small kitchen paint colors to combine with white cabinets if you’re looking to change the color of your lower cabinets while keeping your upper cabinets white.

Earth Tone Paint Colors in Kitchen

Earth tones and natural colors form refreshing color schemes in small kitchens and can make a huge difference in how your space is perceived. Earth tones are nature-inspired colors that contain some brown pigment. The hint of brown in earth tones creates a warming effect that mutes the appearance of the colors, making them feel comforting and cozy. Typical earthy tones that you may be familiar with are terracotta, sage, yellow ochre, turmeric, charcoal, tape, dusty blush, etc. Using these earthy colors in your small kitchen can make the space feel calm and inviting.

Kitchen Remodeling Painting Cabinets in Bedford, MA

Blue Kitchen Paint Colors

Blues are another natural, versatile color tone that doesn’t tend to overpower a small kitchen. From a classic, deep navy to a stunning and bright turquoise, any shade of blue is sure to make a splash in your kitchen. The color blue has natural recessive properties that draw the eyes outwards, giving the impression of a never-ending space like the ocean, or sky. Blue is a very calming color, creating a relaxing atmosphere to cook and entertain.

Green Kitchen Paint Colors

Kitchen Remodeling Painting in Newton, MA

Green is a great color to introduce to your small kitchen if you want to invigorate your space. Small kitchens can feel cramped and overcrowded, but by using the color green in your design you can invoke feelings of freshness, openness, and vibrance that will make your kitchen feel alive! A bold gem-toned green serves as an excellent accent color, whereas a more subtle neutral sage tone will create a balanced kitchen design that brings a hint of nature indoors. At the center point of the color wheel, green adapts well to both cool and warm schemes, which makes it great for an eclectic decorator who needs to tie various hues together.

Hire a Professional Painter

Whether it’s an earth tone, a pastel, or a neutral color, any of these color palettes are sure to leave your small kitchen looking amazing! If you decide to follow these trends or find another paint color palette for your small kitchen, the most important thing is that you love it.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted every color-combination and still aren’t pleased with how your kitchen looks, give us a call! Aside from paint color combinations, there are plenty of additional remodeling ideas for you to consider, like changing out the countertops and backsplash. No matter the size of your floorplan, Tom Curren Companies is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. When you’re ready to begin your kitchen transformation, contact our team.


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