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We are encouraging your help in supporting a proposed Massachusetts legislation that, if passed, would limit the use of pollinator-killing pesticides. 

As one of nature’s major pollinators, bees are an integral part of our agriculture and food production. It is estimated that worldwide, pollinators are responsible for one third of our crops. That equates to nearly $20 billion of crop production in the United States alone, with over 100 of those crops planted being pollinator- dependent. We have seen a steady decline in bee populations across the world, with studies attributing the increased use of pesticides as a major cause. 

The Pollinator Protection Act is set to restrict the use of pollinator-killing pesticides known as Neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids (neonics), specifically, have created a lot of buzz around being an impactful source of our pollinators decline. Neonics are a widely used insecticide that are directly toxic to bee health. Indirectly, these pesticides negatively affect foraging capabilities, reproduction and even hive survival by unknowingly bringing in contaminated pollen. These toxic chemicals are persistent and create long-term damage, with some residue levels remaining in our plant and soil systems for years. 

Pesticides negatively impact the health of pollinators and our community, alike. Together, we can make a positive change to reduce toxic pesticide use in our neighborhoods!

Please take a moment learn more about the Pollinator Protection Act and to show your support:

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