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Everything seems to be buzzing around town.  Kids are being home schooled. Our crews are hard at work painting and fixing things at our clients’ homes.  And of course, the bees are industriously building and stocking their hives.  And just in time too, the Queens have arrived!  But here’s the problem, with two hives and two queens, how do we tell them apart? By their names of course!  And that’s where we need all the kids to lend a coloring hand.


Their Royal Highnesses need names fitting of their station in life, after all, they each reign over a colony that may have between 10,000 – 80,000 female worker bees, a few hundred male drones and of course the Queen who lays all the eggs for the next generation. Right now, Tom’s bees are known as Queen 1 and Queen 2.  To take the sting out of those boring names we need sweeter names, honey sweet we’d say!


Each week we’re going to post a picture of a bee that needs to be colored in and then named.  We invite all the kids to download the PDF picture of the week, color it in and include an idea for a Queen’s name. You can then post the submission on our Facebook page, email it here at or simply snail mail it to 225 Riverview Ave Suite B1, Auburndale MA 02466 and we’ll create an ongoing gallery of all the bees and name ideas.  And when the contest is done, a royal committee of judges will select the best names and the best coloring jobs. Two bees will be crowned with new names this summer. Sorry for droning on, but you should know each week we’ll be awarding prizes for the top submissions, “Queen-sized” prizes will be awarded to the kids who submit the winning names at the end of the contest, and to take the sting out of not winning the grand prize a little something will be awarded to the 10 runners up. And of course 10 prizes will be awarded for the best bee coloring submissions.  


By the way, each weekly Bee page will include fun facts about our fascinating honeybees and how to protect them since they are so important to pollination and the food chain. Coloring will be determined on creative use of color, after all, we’re in the painting business!


Week 1: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 2: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 3: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 4: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 5: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 6: Download PDF picture of the week

Week 7: Download PDF picture of the week


Coloring Submissions



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