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Natural Siding Refinishing in Lincoln, MA

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Project Details: Natural Siding Exterior in Lincoln, MA

Materials: Benjamin Moore Stain Remover, Jomax

Town: Lincoln, MA


Before Tom Curren Arrived: 

Our repeat clients of 10 years required some upkeep on her natural wood siding. The siding was becoming discolored, and there was an abundance of moss growing on hard-to-reach areas on the roof. Tom Curren Companies was happy to step in and help our repeat clients make their home look brand new!

Our Process:

For this exterior project, our first step was to protect the areas around this home because we would be using a chemical stripper on the wood siding. Any time we’re going to be working on the exterior of a home, we make sure that we won’t affect the surrounding area around the house, including shrubs, grass, and flowers that may brush against the exterior. Our next step was to use Benjamin Moor’s Exterior Stain Remover to remove any clear finishes of solid color stains, latex, or oil stains that may have been applied to the siding. After we stripped the finish from the wood siding, we used Benjamin Moore’s Restore to neutralize the chemicals left over from the stain remover on the wood. This Benjamin Moore product was used because it also restores severely weathered wood, and can be used to remove moderate to severe mold and mildew stains from the wood siding. After we finish applying these two products our next step is to wash the home. For any exterior paint project, we always wash the home before we apply paint or stain to make sure when the products are applied to your home that they’re on a clean surface, this helps elongate the life of your new stain or paint! For this house wash, we used Benjamin Moore’s house wash product and we hand scrub the entire exterior of the home. We prefer this technique over the power washer method because using a power washer on a  high pressure can lodge water behind your siding and shingles. With the hand washing method we not only avoid damaging the siding further, but we also use this time to inspect your home for any other possible damage, like wood rot. After we hand scrub the exterior we do use a power washer on the lowest pressure setting to give your home a gentle rinse. To finish up this job we prepped the siding and applied a translucent finish to all of the wooden siding. 

After Tom Curren Left: 

This repeat client was happy, as always, with the job we did! Thankfully it was a job well done and we gave them a reason to keep coming back to Tom Curren Companies for more home improvement projects! The work that we did on her wood siding not only made the home look decades younger, but the new finish will last them years to come!


+2500 Happy Clients

Stephen M.

Very organized. Work was of high quality. Team asked for input to make sure we were pleased with work.

Lincoln, Massachusetts
Betsey Y.

A great wallpaper removal and paint job! The painters were professional, efficient and polite. Thank you!!

Lincoln, Massachusetts


Review from Susan J. in Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773 on 12/09/2018
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Favourite StarFavourite StarFavourite StarFavourite StarFavourite Star
By Susan J.

I had used you 10 years ago... and was happy with the results

Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773

Project Location

Lincoln, MA 01773

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