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If you’re someone who enjoys having guests over and using your kitchen as an entertaining space, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the best features and functions that a modern kitchen needs. 

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been one of the top layout features of a kitchen to make entertaining a breeze. Islands can feature stovetops, storage, microwaves, and even more. They’re one of the best ways to add versatility to your home with space that can be used for preparation, storage, or even dining. Double islands are even becoming popular for homeowners, with one dedicated to storage and prep and one for dining and fun. Islands are meant to help give your kitchen some flow, so make sure it has what you need but doesn’t impede foot traffic. They give your kitchen a layout that allows everyone to converse even while the cooking is still going on.

Space for Work Station

If you’re part of a household with multiple chefs, you’ll want to account for that in the design of your kitchen. Clever design can give you room so that there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen. Depending on your beverage choices, you can also dedicate an area for a bar or coffee station where you can serve guests, or they can serve themselves. A wine fridge can even be incorporated into a cabinet to keep refreshments chilled and on-hand. 

Smart Seating

You don’t want your seating arrangement to make any of your guests feel left out, so it’s essential to have options—a combination of some stool-type seating and some more typical chairs. 


When you’re entertaining, you’ll have more fun if everything you need is where you expect it to be. Convenient storage helps keep your kitchen clutter-free. Storage may not always be the most exciting part of a kitchen, but if you like to cook, you’ll surely have appliances that need to be stored somewhere. Think about what is lacking in your current pantry and storage situation and apply that to your plans for your new kitchen. 

Make It Easy to Clean

Loving to host doesn’t mean that you love to clean. When you’re selecting materials and appliances for your kitchen, choose ones that are easy to clean. The right choices here will make sure your kitchen still looks great party after party. 

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