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What most homeowners, or more importantly, house chefs, reiterate is that a kitchen is the heart of a home. If you enjoy eating delicious food, you’ll believe this as true. But it takes more than a love for food to want a stylish kitchen; you need to make cooking an experience. This explains why many home chefs are taking stylish kitchen design and decorating trends to a completely different level.

The variety in minimalist and contemporary themes is absolutely mesmerizing. Though, there is quite some significance in how homeowners perceive a kitchen island at the heart of their home. Therefore, let’s take a look at 4 reasons why you should add a kitchen island to your home.

4 Reasons for Adding a Kitchen Island


Sure, kitchen islands take up considerable floor space, but they ensure that your kitchen has a focal point that captures the attention of guests, family, and friends. In fact, the variation in styles and colors of a kitchen island influences aesthetics. Well, it will take the eyes away from the cabinetry and the stoves, at least.

More Amenities

Ever wondered what it would be like to add your desired kitchen appliances someday? Perhaps you can’t do it right now due to a lack of room, but with a kitchen island, you’ll get plenty of space! Imagine an extra stove set or even a pre-sink on the kitchen island. Wouldn’t it be amazing to install new appliances that you couldn’t before? Moreover, it will kick the usability and functionality of the kitchen up by a few notches.

Additional Cooking Room

Are you a professional home chef? Do you serve a large family? Or are you the only cook in the house? Whatever the reason, a kitchen island is a great place to add an extra set of stoves. Apart from that, it provides extensive space to fill in with fruits and vegetables, along with other cooking materials. For one, there is extra space to cook and serve more people at once. This most certainly allows you to increase quantity while paving the way for increased quality in your kitchen.

Another reason is that it allows two people to cook together, such as when couples cook up dinner. Needless to say, a kitchen island can effectively cater to such needs in your house.

Seating Improvement

Do you like it when people start gathering in the kitchen for some gossip? Especially when you are cooking? Well, in that case, a kitchen island can surely come to the rescue. It has space to accommodate at least half a dozen seats (depending on the kitchen space and the size of the kitchen island) for guests and family. So, you can prevent guests lingering over your head while you’re at the stove or chopping vegetables.

Besides that, it’s always lovely to share a conversation with your child or spouse up close, even when you are cooking!


If the reasons above convinced you to look for some of the best kitchen island options, as well as a fantastic contractor to install it in your kitchen, look no further. Tom Curren Companies has an impeccable record and level of expertise that can facilitate your kitchen with an “island.” Give us a call at 617-969-4900 to schedule a meeting with an expert from our team.


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