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For many homeowners, it can be frustrating to contact a home renovation company and only speak with robots or answering machines. When looking for a paint job, remodel or cabinet refinishing for your home, whether big or small, an in-person estimate is the best way to get to know your contractor and feel confident moving forward.

Expert salesperson helps with at-home estimate.

At Tom Curren, we pride ourselves on maintaining a personal connection with our home improvement clients from the start. We have real people answering your initial call, and will always schedule an estimator to meet with you at your home before drafting a complete, detailed estimate. Our main focus is on growing customer relationships and maintaining client satisfaction.

Our team has an honest commitment to providing responsive service and implementing products and materials that match our high standards across the board. We want to tailor each renovation job, regardless of its size, to both your structural needs and style preferences. Through our initial visit to your home for the estimate, we hope to further establish what best suits your home at our second meeting, referred to as the Deliver Bid.

Sending estimates by email can seem more timely and efficient to many of our working customers. But without having this experience face-to-face, clients are not able to have all of their questions and concerns addressed about the estimate with great clarity at the time of its delivery. Other remodeling contractor companies may quickly throw a price together, but they are looking for the highest volume of estimates in the shortest amount of time. These rushed estimates can lead to additional meetings and discussions down the road- discussions that could have been avoided had the contractor gone over the scope in-person at the beginning.

With our company, customers will always feel that we take the time, both behind the scenes and during each stage of the in-person estimating process, to elevate ourselves above the rest by providing customer satisfaction to the highest degree. We want to ensure that every project comes in at-budget, and we take the needed time to see this through for you.

During the Deliver Bid meeting, our estimators will take the time with their client to review the pricing of each aspect of the job, as well as go over any related company processes and procedures associated with the work. Clients will gain an understanding of how we have earned our excellent reputation over the course of the last 30 years, as we stand out from the rest with our consistently in-depth explanation of the estimates we have put together for each and every project.


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