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We not only pride ourselves on producing the best quality work for your home, but we also offer our customers multiple financing options to give them the best possible payment experience. This flexibility on our end is provided with the goal in mind of allowing you to enjoy the new work on your home without the added stress of limited payment options.

During an in-house visit, one of our specialists will help you find the financing option that best suits the lifestyle of you and your family. One option that has helped many past customers is GreenSky. With GreenSky, clients may receive a 12-month financing plan that does not include any interest or required payments during the one-year timespan. The application process is quick and easy for any homeowner, and the paperless process helps keep customers organized. GreenSky offers fast approvals with their plans, as well as a guarantee of no prepayment penalties. All of this with a payment schedule that is designed around your personal comfort!

For any last-minute painting or remodeling projects your home needs as the fall and winter seasons quickly approach, this alternative financing option can help clients complete their remaining to do list without burdening them financially as we head into the holiday season. This GreenSky program allows Tom Curren Companies customers to both get the home they need and the seasonal gifts and parties that they want. By spacing these payments out in an affordable fashion, we hope to ensure that you won’t have to choose between a remodeled home and the perfect presents.

Other features that may interest those still on the fence about financing with GreenSky include their friendly customer service staff, variety of ways to both apply for and make payments, and their credit limit of up to $55,000. And, as long as the job’s total payment is completed prior to the end of the 12-month period, homeowners won’t have to incur the additional interest charges on top of the originally quoted price. At Tom Curren Companies, we feel that homeowners shouldn’t have to delay their home-improvement needs because of funding issues, nor should they feel weighed down by payments once they are able to afford their home’s projects. We hope to help every customer find the best financial planning option available to them to fund their dream project, whether it be GreenSky or another payment program.


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