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     As many seasoned renovators will know, with every great remodel job also comes a lot of red tape. When completing remodeling projects at your home, permits and inspections are essential to both completing the job and staying on track.

     The Tom Curren Companies remodeling team stresses the value of pulling permits. The process for obtaining a permit often varies greatly between both different states and their individual cities. However, the purpose of the document remains the same, as it is an agreement that all of the outlined work will meet the municipal building department’s safety codes. This is beneficial for both parties, as the homeowner will not be worried about having to tear down their work at a later date and the town can rest assured that there will not be any potentially dangerous structures built at the specified residence. Homeowners who choose not to seek local approval requirements put themselves and their homes at risk for future safety and legal issues.

     When companies or individual contractors make any reference to a homeowner pulling his or her own permits, they are allowing all liability to fall on the homeowner’s shoulders. This is a precarious path to take in any remodel, as in the same way that permits can be very beneficial for homeowners they can also be detrimental when one is not filed either correctly or at all.

     In comparison, when using licensed contractors for this extensive work, such as the ones on our team, homeowners often do not have to participate in the permit process at all. Our experienced contractors will take care of every aspect, including filling out the paperwork for the municipality, collecting fees, and being present for the required inspections. This leaves homeowners with the comfort of an approved permit for their home and none of the associated stress.

     In addition to allowing the work to continue uninterrupted, a permit can also work to protect the homeowner and any future homeowners as well. Since all of the work under the permit is done to the specification of the state building codes, the new construction is more likely to last the test of time; allowing for better resale down the line for homeowners and peace of mind for potential buyers.

     To further ensure that the job is on track, our team will hold inspections with the town when each portion of the client’s remodel is complete, such as separate inspections for the job’s plumbing, electrical work, and more. This thorough review by the town guarantees that all of the work thus far has been done to code for the homeowner. Unfortunately, we are then at the mercy of the town inspectors, as they have their own schedules to abide by and may delay projects by roughly a week at times. Though these inspections can sometimes cause a temporary delay in labor, they are beneficial in the long run for the homeowner and our team’s fulfillment of the work.

     We want each project to run as smoothly for the homeowner as possible, without the risk of delays that can happen when a project is stalled for a last-minute permit. This derailment can be detrimental for homeowners with tight timelines, as well as for the contractors and subcontractors who had planned on working specific days. There can also be additional fees and/or penalties incurred when trying to skirt around necessary permits- on top of the building permit fees themselves. Tom Curren Companies always aims to run projects by code from the very start, in order to avoid any bumps that can occur along the way when shortcuts are used.


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