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     Honest, transparent communication between a customer and contractor is of paramount importance—this relationship, like any other, suffers from breakdowns in communication and withheld anxieties.

     We know that television shows like Flipping Out are popular for a reason: drama stalks a remodeling project, waiting for an unmet expectation to strike. When customers don’t tell us exactly what they’re feeling, holding back concerns until late in the process, all those bottled up worries come flooding out at the end of the job. That’s understandable, and we absolutely get it. You want your expectations and desires met, and believe us: we want to meet them. That’s our job.

     Unfortunately, as fantastic as superpowers would be, we don’t have ESP, and we can’t read minds. Without consistent input from the customer, we can’t be 100% sure that we’re providing you the satisfaction you deserve. If something is troubling you—if you have a question, concern, or just want to be walked through a process—do let us know. It’s best to lay everything out on the table so we can work through any issues together. Any problem—and we mean any problemcan be worked out: it all starts with open communication and a continuing dialogue on both ends.

     One place to start the conversation is with style and budget, as installation procedures and pricing vary greatly depending on what you’re looking for. The better we understand your vision, the better we can estimate the scope of the work to come. Most homeowners, excited about the end results of remodeling, give little thought to the time, noise, and other inconveniences that naturally attend construction projects. Before embarking on any job, we encourage our clients to discuss timetables and work schedules with us. If, for any reason, the schedule falls behind, that’s something you should feel free to ask us about.

     We know completion of a project can sometimes seem stop and go, or faster during some stages and slower during others. We want you to be aware that those are the times when, in actuality, a lot of “unseen” work is being done—dealing with electrical lines, for instance, or plumbing.

     Communication works both ways, and we never want to be ships passing in the night when it comes to customer communication. Always tell us what’s on your mind, establish expectations with us at the beginning, and the only drama you’ll find in construction will be where it belongs: on reality T.V.


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