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Homeowners spend much of their time and money during the warmer months to create a beautiful exterior for their home. A great source of curb appeal comes from the flowers and plants that may line their property. Unfortunately, traffic from painters and carpenters can pose a threat to this carefully placed greenery.

At Tom Curren Companies, our team of experts will work to find the best solutions for your property and its plants. Depending on the proximity to the home and size of the plants, we will be sure to cover them and keep them protected until the completion of your job.

In some cases, our paint crews have built temporary wooden staging platforms. This has allowed them to walk above and around the vegetation without disruption in order to reach certain parts of the home. The staging was sturdy enough to support ladders so that our painters and carpenters did not disrupt the plants during their setup.


Painters create unique solution while painting to protect plants.

We also consider the protection of plants during jobs with lead paint, as we would not want any hazardous debris to settle on or around the vegetation. Instead, we protect the at-risk plants with a plastic covering. Our strategy may change depending on the amount of sunlight near your home, as we do not want your plants to be burned through the plastic on a hot day. When needed, we work to find alternative solutions to keep your greenery safe.

Painters protect shrubs during an EPA job from lead paint.

Improving a home’s exterior through painting or carpentry should be a positive and exciting experience for customers. Our team helps to achieve your home dreams on budget, while making sure not to damage the existing plants and flowers you have invested in.


Are you looking to paint your home’s exterior, but are worried about protecting your plants? If so, contact the paint and remodeling professionals at Tom Curren today. You’ll be glad you did.

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