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As we near the end of summer and the exterior painting season, it is important to consider the lead paint practices of contractors when deciding to paint your home. For the majority of customers with homes built prior to 1978, it is likely that lead is present. Lead paint can be hazardous for families when handled without the proper setup, tools, and experience.

Smooth shingles after lead paint removal.

Customer home in Newton, MA, after just the front side was stripped of lead.

At Tom Curren, we ensure that our paint crew chiefs attend lead paint safety courses and receive their state certifications before allowing them to work on homes where they may disturb lead paint during their work. We have also sent members of our sales and production team to these same trainings to make sure our office has an understanding of the required practices and potential risks that will be involved from start to finish.

Painters wear suits to protect from EPA hazards.

As any commotion in any area with lead paint can lead to unsafe dust and debris, our crews follow each practice that would protect both the homeowners and themselves. This includes lead-safe suits, the covering of windows and doorways in close proximity, and the use of tools that better contain lead exposure.

During our 30 years of painting in Metrowest neighborhoods, we have encountered lead paint on most of our paint projects. Our team strives to keep your home safe and clean on every project, including placing a high level of importance on lead safety.


Do you have lead paint in your home? Not sure? If so, contact the painting experts at Tom Curren. We can stop by to assess your painting project and give you the facts and details to ensure you home is safe and looks beautiful for years to come.

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