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Do you have a condo or a home with multiple floors that needs painting? For customers with homes that reach tall heights, it can be difficult to find the right company to paint their home’s exterior and be certain that every potential problem will be addressed. As many large homes have trim and window frames on upper levels, it is hard to know where paint is needed and what carpentry issues may arise from the ground. When painters and carpenters use lifts on tall homes, they are able to easily see and maneuver around any problem areas to ensure the job is done to each customer’s satisfaction.

The experienced paint and carpentry crews at Tom Curren have worked with lifts before and can use them to complete even the most difficult exterior jobs efficiently. These lifts can range in height from 25 to 185 feet – reaching heights that ladders could not accommodate.

Our team recently worked with an articulating boom lift for a customer’s home in Brookline. While ladders reached the home’s 3rd floor, the lift was needed for the 4th and 5th levels. Carpenters could then reach the rotted trim on the top floor of the home, as well as window repairs in several hard to reach areas.

Painters complete exterior paint job to customer’s satisfaction.

Photo of customer’s 5-story home in Brookline.

Lifts can be easily moved around the property on wheels for crews to gain better angles for their work. They also provide painters and carpenters with a more steady, up-close look at your home for areas that need special care. Because the different parts of the lift can be moved individually, they can maneuver the platform around any obstacles to get the perfect angle for even the most narrow spaces.

Articulating boom lift allows painters to do quick, efficient work.

Articulating boom lift provides access to home’s high heights.

The stable bases and sturdy railings provided by these lifts create a safe environment for the crew at your home. Also, unlike scaffolding, these lifts can still be used during some inclement weather to avoid delays.

For taller homes that require tools like the articulating boom lift, our company is here to help for any painting or carpentry needs that other companies may not be able to reach. Once we are up on the lift, we can advise you on any additional carpentry repairs or painting that are needed to keep your home looking its best and avoid future problems.


Are you looking for an experienced exterior or interior paint contractor in the Boston area? If so, contact the painting professionals at Tom Curren today. You’ll be glad you did.

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