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As the country continues to navigate life in the midst of a global pandemic, more people are striving to work from home rather than in a traditional office setting. If working from home is a new experience for you, chances are you could use a little help designing a functional workspace in your home. 

Check out these 4 tips to help you do just that!

Be Realistic About Your Work From Home Needs

While you may wish you had an entire room dedicated specifically to working from home, you probably don’t really need one. For many people, having a clear desk or table, a comfortable place to sit, and perhaps somewhere to store paperwork is more than enough to complete their daily tasks. 


Make the Most of the Space You Have

If you haven’t considered how the wasted space in your home could be turned into a potential workspace, such as corners or closets, it’s time to do so.  You might be surprised by how useful an area of your home that you typically overlook every day can really be. A detail as small as painting an accent wall behind your desk can make the space feel completely separate!


Incorporate Versatile Features

You don’t have to have an enormous house to build a comfortable home office. By investing in a few versatile features, such as a whiteboard wall or a foldaway desk, you’ll be able to bring a functional workspace to life in nearly any room in your home. 

Prioritize Storage Space

Along with a comfortable place to sit and work, room to store and organize your work essentials are a must in any home office. Regardless of whether you’re using your spare bedroom, living room, or even a closet as your designated work space, be sure that there’s adequate room for storage cabinets, bins, or built-ins to hold your important papers and supplies. Having storage that you’re excited about can make all the difference – paint your cabinets a new color to make them look brand new!

Designing a workspace in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little creativity and planning, you can make a comfortable, practical place to do business no matter how small your home may be. For more tips on tackling a remodeling project in your home, Tom Curren Companies is here to help. Give us a call today!


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