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With everyone spending more time indoors, we’ve been asked repeatedly by our clients: “how can I make the most of my existing space?” We’ve gotten creative and helped our clients transform their homes into versatile yet practical living spaces. One of the easiest ways to quickly add functionality to your room is by adding a whiteboard wall feature. That’s right – whiteboard paint has largely picked up in popularity as people have been using their homes in new and different ways!

Looking for creative ways to incorporate whiteboard paint in your home? Here are a few whiteboard wall ideas that the whole family will love:

Whiteboard Paint Ideas for Adults

Whiteboard Wall: To-Do Lists / Schedules

Let’s face it, our schedules have never been busier, and our homes have never been more full of activity! With so much more of our time being spent at home, our work lives and personal lives have slowly blended together and it’s never been more important to be organized and stay on top of our daily responsibilities. A whiteboard wall can act as the hub of the house, keeping everyone’s schedules up-to-date and in sync. From jotting down daily to-do’s or weekly appointments to tracking socially distanced neighborhood gatherings, managing your family’s schedule just got a whole lot easier!

whiteboard calendar

Work From Home: Meeting Notes / Brainstorming

Many of our workplaces have ample resources for us to do our job efficiently and effectively – printers, office supplies, meeting rooms, etc. With working from home as a new standard, we’ve had to cut back on space as well as access to these in-office benefits. Taking notes and brainstorming are a major key to success at work – so why limit yourself? Adding a whiteboard wall to your home recreates the collaborative feeling of being in the conference room versus feeling like you’re trapped in a small box on a Zoom meeting. If you typically take the Meeting Minute notes for your team, simply snap a picture of your whiteboard notes to send them around. Then, erase it and have a clean slate before your next meeting!

adult writing on wall

Whiteboard Walls for the Kiddos

Playroom: Creativity & Play Time

As the weather cools off, and kids aren’t able to spend as much time playing outdoors, the house will start to feel busier and busier by the day. Having a dedicated space where the kids can spend their time will keep them happy and occupied – and what could be more fun than writing on the walls? No, we’re not talking about having them draw on the dining room walls with crayons and markers – we’re talking about a dedicated whiteboard wall! Let their little imaginations run wild, with a full wall of open space to draw, write, or play games. The best part? The clean up takes less than a minute, and your kids can start fresh every day!

child writing on walls

Whiteboard Wall for Schoolwork / Chores

With kids spending more time on Zoom classes, and virtual learning taking over as the new normal, many of our spare bedrooms or play spaces and have been morphed into classrooms. From elementary school kids who need a blank slate to use their imagination, to grad students who are studying for finals, all of our virtual learners can certainly benefit from having a whiteboard wall as a creative outlet. It transforms any wall into a place where kids can write equations on the walls during math, draw pictures during art, or practice working on their writing skills. 

child solving math problem

As you can see, there are many ways to increase productivity around the house with whiteboard paint. In our latest Whiteboard paint project, we used Benjamin Moore Notable Dry-Erase paint to convert a grad student’s existing bedroom into a multi-functional workspace – check it out here!

How will you use whiteboard paint in your home?


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