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Spring is the best time to awaken your dormant yard and embrace the season of resurgence.  There are many ways to get your yard ready for Spring while keeping the pollinators top-of-mind. 

Prepare to welcome buzzing bees, vibrant butterflies, and delicate hummingbirds by transforming your outdoor space into a haven for pollinators. Here are a few activities to try in your backyard:

1. Build a Pollinator-Friendly Garden:

Constructing a garden with a fence serves as an excellent way to create a designated space for pollinators while protecting your plants. Choose a sunny spot and plant a variety of native flowers like lavender, coneflowers, and bee balm. These blooms provide a rich source of nectar and pollen, attracting bees, butterflies, and other essential pollinators to your garden haven.

Do not build a garden if you’re not going to protect your plants with a fence. Ask our team for more information about having a custom garden fence built in your yard.

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Garden Fence Newton Massachusetts
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 2. Plant Pollinator-Friendly Window Boxes:

Maximize your outdoor space by installing window boxes filled with pollinator-friendly plants. Select colorful varieties such as marigolds, zinnias, or snapdragons. These vibrant blooms not only add charm to your windows but also beckon pollinators closer to your home, supporting their journey and ensuring a steady supply of nectar throughout the season.

3. Create a Refreshing Bee Bath:

Create a Bee Bath In BackyardGive weary bees a place to quench their thirst by crafting a simple bee bath. Fill a shallow dish or basin with clean water and add a few small stones or floating platforms for the bees to land on. Place the bee bath near your garden, ensuring it remains filled and refreshed regularly. This small gesture provides a much-needed source of hydration for pollinators, especially during hot and dry spells.

By incorporating these three practices into your yard, you’ll not only create a stunning landscape but also provide a thriving habitat for the essential pollinators that contribute to our ecosystem’s vitality.


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