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Siding is an essential part of home architecture. It provides an excellent aesthetic finish as well as protection for the property. Such protection is necessary, especially in New England, where blizzards and generally harsh weather are common. 

The quality and durability of your choice of siding material are non-negotiable. Notwithstanding, several options will serve the purpose while giving your house a facelift. 

Here are some ideas for you:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the oldest, most common in New England, and that with good reason. It’s extremely durable, affordable, and very stylish.

The material is a top choice because it does not absorb moisture. It eliminates the likelihood of mildew and rot growing and causing damage to one’s property. It also requires very little maintenance and comes in a variety of designs. Vinyl Sidings offers maximum protection without sacrificing comfort.

Fiber Cement Siding

This new siding material has gained popularity in recent times. Its composition of cement and natural fiber makes it extremely durable and reliable.

It also comes in styles that can mimic less durable siding materials, making fiber cement a strong option for homeowners of all kinds. Fiber Cement is a great siding choice for New England homeowners.

Composite Siding 

Composite sidings are great for decontamination as its materials are derivatives of recycled products. It is a combination of vinyl and fiber cement. The mixture ensures that durability is maximized while maintaining the flexibility of vinyl sidings.

They also keep away moisture, thus preserving the siding itself and the house. Composite sidings are a great low maintenance option.

Wood Siding 

Wood shingles offer a really classy finish and appearance to homes. You can choose from a variety of beautiful and durable materials such as redwoods, pine fir, or cedar. The wood can be cut into different shapes and sizes and endless designs.

However, they are quite susceptible to insect infestation and consequent decay. That is the reason for its maintenance compared to other sidings. Although, with good maintenance, wood sidings can last up to a hundred years.


Sidings are very important to the preservation of home architecture. The beauty and class they add to the building is merely a plus. 

If you haven’t made a choice yet, you should go over these suggestions and make a selection. Your home will thank you for it. 

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