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Traditional deck and porch stains can become drab over time and lack the unique touch that many homeowners crave. These stains may also show imperfections in the wood that paint can cover up.

Instead, consider painting your porch a bright color and become the envy of the neighborhood. A coat of paint is a great way to add personality to the outside of your home, while also filling some small cracks or other marks in the grain.

At Tom Curren Companies, we provide the expertise and support you need when making this decision for your porch or deck. We also have connections with the staff at Sherwin Williams, who can provide a free in-home color consult for homeowners who want additional advice. Their representatives can provide a variety of options for interior and exterior paint, as well as guide homeowners on what colors would best complement their existing color themes. With the help of our sales team, free color consults, and our experienced paint crews, we aim to exceed your standards.

Brilliant color by top painters for customer’s front porch or deck flooring.

Unlike stains, paint provides many more options for colors and shades. Paint is also better for covering an old color on your deck’s surface and has a longer lifespan than most stains. And for homeowners who do not like wood grain to be visible on their porch, paint will more thoroughly cover up this texture.

Our painters have been trained on how to efficiently wash decks and porches to get them ready for the best possible application of either paint or stain. They will scrub by hand with bleach and jomax to remove stains and mildew from the flooring when needed. This allows for an even finish on the entire area once the job is complete, and will help the color you choose to shine.

Though decks and porches generally provide a smaller surface than your siding, a simple change in color can add a lot of flair for your home’s curb appeal.


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