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     A simple trick to add value and aesthetic appeal to your home is to install wall moldings in your rooms and hallways. Different molding options include crown moldings, columns, chair railings, wainscoting, window casings, baseboards, and door casings, perhaps with the addition of a new door too.

     Moldings create a sense of craftsmanship that might not otherwise be present in the structure. If you have just bought a house and want to spruce it up before you move in, then adding moldings is an easy and cost effective way to showcase high-end value. The reason being is that many moldings come prefabricated while not requiring permits, sub-contractors, or home inspections before installation.

     An array of molding options are available for purchase and installation is typically straightforward and pain free. Once the tracking braces are installed, many of the moldings snap right into place. A professional tip is to run your cable, audio, and internet wiring behind moldings so that the media connectivity in your home is not marred by a clump of wires hanging above or behind your media console.

     Another trick to enhance the appearance and value of your home is to update the paint schemes of your space to fit your unique taste and personality. While moldings add depth and detail to a room, a well-considered professional paint job adds considerable character. Before your new moldings are in place, there is no better way to complete a room (and to add value to your home) than through a beautiful paint job.


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