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When a homeowner is thinking about cabinet repainting, one of the first things they want to know is “how much will it cost to paint my cabinets, Tom?” 

Average Cost of Cabinet Painting in Newton, MA

Well, we paint kitchens and cabinets day in and day out, and for certain, all kitchens and homes are different. That said, our experience is that the average client will need to spend anywhere between $8,000 to $12,000 to achieve beautiful finishes and a durable job. That number can escalate depending on many factors – the size of the kitchen, the quality of the original cabinets, the layout of the room, and if multiple colors are involved.

Professional Cabinet Painting Setup

Most importantly, set-up and preparation play a factor in the price of the project. Be sure to have an understanding of how the painters are going to prepare your home to protect you from fumes and dust. It’s really important to have that separation set-up and in place before the job starts – otherwise, dust and fumes will permeate the whole house, and you won’t be pleased. An open layout requires more set-up and preparation time in order to isolate the paint area from the rest of the home. So, plan for that to add additional expense to the job. 

While most people don’t like the answer “it depends,” in the case of cabinet painting (and most things home improvement) it truly does depend! If you’d like to see images of what to expect and how we set up to protect you, your home, your family and pets, throughout the repainting process, check out our cabinet refinishing projects.


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