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Let’s agree that having workers in your home, especially when working in a central location like your kitchen, is a major disruption to your daily routine. We often hear things like… “The company we worked with was very nice, but the job felt like it dragged on forever!”  Or, “They showed up, but then disappeared for the day after not getting much done!” Or, “They said it would only take 3 days but we couldn’t really use our kitchen for a week!”

Projects that drag on are a pain. For everyone involved! 

If you’re considering having your cabinets painted, be sure to educate yourself, and ask the right questions. Aside from how much cabinet painting costs, it’s also essential to know, at the outset, how many days the project is likely to take. Will the contractor show up at 7am and work until 5pm, or are they an 8am to 3pm kind of team? Big difference!

Here are a few things that will affect the amount of time it takes for a contractor to paint your kitchen cabinets:

  • Prior Planning: Some painters spend more time planning, and are able to execute their plans down to every last detail. Lack of prior planning and agreement/expectations around scheduling is absolutely the number #2 client complaint we hear about the experience of having work done in their home – right behind quality of work at #1!
  • Efficiency: Some painters just work faster than others – having confidence that your painters are not slacking on the job is important. The project will undoubtedly go faster if you have a team working together on your project instead of one person who is worried about painting your cabinets while simultaneously running other jobs alone!
  • Working Hours: Some painters start a job at a set time in the morning, and work straight through the afternoon, while others may start a job on time, but drop off to “finish” a different job they were on before yours. Oftentimes those same painters will leave your job site at their leisure to go provide new estimates.

Before you dive into a cabinet painting project in the hub of your home, it’s important to know how many days you’ll be put out. Planning carefully for a project like this is essential to limit the disruption, and reduce the amount of days required to perform the work. Be sure to ask – it’s your right to know!

At Tom Curren Companies, our “average” kitchen cabinet repainting projects take 4 days. Of course, like all home improvement projects, this answer is subject to a long list of variables! However, at the bare minimum you should plan for an average of 4 days to function without your kitchen. If you’d like to send pictures of your kitchen to our team, we can give you a clearer answer on what it will cost to have your cabinets painted, and how many days it will take to give you the kitchen of your dreams!


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