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Springtime is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start planning for spending more time outside and enjoying the weather. We’ve all been feeling some cabin fever from spending more time indoors. So now is the time to start to get the outside of your home ready, and of the best ways is by adding a deck. It’s one of the best ways to extend your life outdoors. Check out some of the best reasons to build a deck this Spring below. 

Decks Are for Everyone

One of the best things about building a deck is that you’re starting with an essentially blank canvas, you can work with a contractor to design a deck that fits your exact needs. You may be the type of person who wants to host friends and family for BBQs or other gatherings. Or you could be the person who enjoys a book and cup of coffee on the deck in the morning. Or maybe you’re a little of both. When building a deck, you can do so to fit your exact needs. With a skilled contractor, your only limitation is the size that you have available. You can choose different styles and colors to let your personality shine in a project that you’re proud of. 

A Deck Increases the Value of Your Home

A new deck adds so much tangible value to your home today, but it also increases the price tag of your home. They’re highly valued by homebuyers because everyone wants an outdoor space to themselves. If you plan to sell your home down the line, you’ll be pleased with the return on investment you see with a deck. The material that the deck is built with can impact just how much value is added, be sure to consult with a pro if that is your goal. 

More Space

As we mentioned earlier, decks can be a great space for entertaining. This is the case because decks are an extension of your kitchen and living spaces. Many people like to build an outdoor kitchen with a grill on its deck to enjoy meals outside. You can also include a dining set and additional seating to enjoy conversation and build memories with your family. 

Storage is an often forgetting aspect of a deck that is quite the bonus for homeowners. Typically, there is space under the deck to store yard tools, equipment, and more that can be outside, but you don’t necessarily want on the lawn year-round. The aesthetic of a deck is great itself, but helping reduces yard clutter makes it a smart move as well. 

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