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The timing of a deck build project is dependent on various factors. The project’s timeline is established based on the style, size, and scope, amongst other factors – but sometimes, things come up. Knowing what affects the timing of a deck project will help you ask the right questions when meeting with a project consultant.  It’s good to have an understanding of these factors before starting a project so you don’t end up surprised if one of these applies to you!

Materials & Lead Times

Nowadays, deck materials take longer to be delivered, so ordering your materials as soon as you can is crucial. Many contractors buy materials as they go, elongating the project when they have long lead times. At Tom Curren Companies, we don’t start any projects until all of the materials have been delivered to our workshop. Although it may delay the start a bit, you won’t be left with a half-built deck that ends up taking months to complete.

Building Permits

A building permit is a requirement before beginning any construction. This permit is vital to ensure that your deck is built to code standards. Application of a permit involves processes and planning that may affect the time needed for a deck build project. Building permits are submitted through the town, so, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a little while for them to approve the permits because they get so many.

Foundation Issues 

A deck that is safe, firm, and everlasting needs a strong foundation. Before the deck boards go on, it’s important to take the time to set the footings and work on the foundation. If this is something that can be seen during the estimate phase, your project consultant will account for it in the estimate. Foundation issues happen for a variety of reasons, but can always be easily solved if it’s caught.

Uncovering Wood Rot

Finding wood rot can be serious and costly, depending on how much there is on the deck, and possibly on the house. If wood rot is discovered, repairing it should be your highest priority. Ignoring wood rot is ultimately going to cost you more in the long run, so it’s important to fix the root of the problem when you find it. Of course, this usually adds more time to the job than anticipated.

Deck Demolition

If you have an old deck where your new deck is going to be, then the first step is demoing the older one. Depending on the foundation & structure of the deck, some pieces may stay intact. Demoing a deck before building a new deck certainly adds time to the project, versus starting from the ground up.

Coordinating Electricians (For Lights or Outlets)

Many of our high-class decks are fitted with lights and electrical outlets. These features make your outdoor living area a truly enjoyable space. Adding these features in your deck requires more time, as it requires the coordination of an electrician. If you’re planning on having electrical functionality on your deck, plan for the added time of getting an electrician involved.

Inclimate Weather

Because deck building is an outdoor project, the weather is a factor to consider as far as timing is concerned. Deck season is most popular in New England when the weather is warmer, but we are slightly more limited when it comes to the snowy winters. There are certain things we can do during the late fall and early winter for decks, but sometimes the erratic weather delays the project a day or two.

When it comes to building a deck, there are many variables that you can plan ahead for, and some that arise mid-project. The more planning and coordination that is done upfront, the easier it will be to have a smooth-running project. For a free estimate on your new deck, or deck repair, give us a call 617-969-4900.


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