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The more time we spend at home the more we seem to notice the variety of renovation projects that our homes so desperately need. As you consider your next home renovation plan, consider taking a more sustainable route. Not only will your home and planet thank you for the much-needed upgrade, but your wallet will too! While it does cost money to renovate – choosing a more sustainable option can save you tons of money over time. It also can provide a much need refreshment after spending so much time at home this past year.

Below are a few options you can try-out as you embark on creating an eco-friendly environment in and outside your home.

Revive Your Home with A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint brings life to your home. The colors provide an orchestra of pantones that breaths a refreshing looking into your space and after the year we’ve all have had, it is much needed. Why not consider updating the life of your home with something that saves the planet by switching to eco-friendlier paint. Popular brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have created their own lines of eco-friendly paint, so you don’t have to go searching through brands you are unfamiliar with. All you have to do is find the perfect color!

Lower Your Energy Bill by Replacing Old Windows

From bay windows to skylights, windows play a big role in your home. They are everywhere and they can let in a warm summer breeze but can also bring in the harsh winter cold. Old windows can cause drafts which makes it harder for your home to maintain a consistent temperature. By replacing a single windowpane, you could on average save $126 to $465 a year! Imagine all the things you can save for with that kind of extra cash. Updating your windows provides you a more sustainable option by lowering your use of energy which in turn saves you money month after month. How great is that!

Opt. Outside with A New Deck

Staying inside is great, for now. But once the snow melts and the sun is out, the grill will be fired up and beverages will be had with loved ones at a safe distance. What better way to appreciate the outdoors than by updating your home with a new outdoor space. There are many sustainable wood and composite options that you can choose from when updating your outdoor patio and deck. Maintain your appreciate for the outdoors by spending time outside on your new sustainable deck.

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