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Your home’s exterior does a great job of representing you, or at least we hope it does. If not, a paint refresh is one of the best ways to give it more life. Painting your home can totally change the first impression that guests get. With more time spent at home, you want to be happy with how your home looks. Let’s check out some of the reasons why Spring is the best time to paint your home.

The Weather

Spring in New England means mild temperatures in general. It’s not too hot or humid yet, and you don’t have to worry about extreme cold either. Modern paints are much more resistant to temperatures, but it’s still much easier to set well in Spring weather. 

The Exterior of Your Home is Stressed

Not the same kind of stress that people feel, your home’s paint job can also become stressed. Through the various weather conditions we experience in the Boston area, your home’s exterior deals with a lot. Snow, ice, rain, and high humidity can negatively impact the appearance of your home over the years, leading to cracks and chips. Too much moisture also can lead to mold and mildew growth. UV rays can cause paint to fade. The variety of weather we have here is a lot to handle for exteriors. Springtime illuminates these issues, making it a great time for new paint

Less Foliage

In the Spring, especially early on, trees and bushes haven’t flowered yet. So there aren’t bushes and other foliage in the way, giving maximum access to every part of the home’s exterior.

Work with the Best Painters

If you wait too long until the end of Spring and early Summer, the best painters in your area may be booked solid. Make sure to get your quote from a reputable painting company early in the year so you can get the job done well and enjoy it sooner.

Good Pricing

After a long winter, many contractors are ready to get out in the weather and start working. This means that you can get more competitive rates at this time. Remember to act fast before schedules and rates both go up with demand. 

Ready for Summer

Many people are spending more time outdoors at their homes than ever. The sooner your home is painted and feeling fresh, the sooner you’ll be enjoying it from your deck or yard. Painting your home in the Spring is one of the best ways to get the most value out of it. 

If you’re a homeowner interested in giving your home an update, our team at Tom Curren Companies can help. Contact us today for a painting estimate. 


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