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Before and after photos are a good way to show painting and remodeling projects but we thought we’d take a deeper dive to show how complex projects progress from start to finish.

For this project, the TCC team was brought in by well-known landscape architect Linda Herman from Festoons Home and Garden Design, Perri Landscaping, as well as Adam Gibbons of AGA Designs to help create a distinctive outdoor living space within a stark back yard in Auburndale.

Our seasoned team of craftsmen were able to bring the wooden structure to life using sustainably harvested cedar wood that was secured using a special peg fastener technique for durability and sophisticated style. We were also able to install low voltage landscape lights, extend a gas line for grilling out, we applied a durable natural finish to the wood and wired the entire structure for lighting to create the perfect outdoor living space.  With this project coming to a close, we are happy to share that is on pace to finish on time!

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