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Every year there are new kitchen design trends, and 2023 is no different. While some kitchen elements are timeless, like stainless steel appliances, some features fade in and out of popularity each year. As a result of the ongoing global pandemic, we have seen changes in the way homeowners are making use of their kitchens. With an increased desire for spacious kitchen islands ideal for work-from-home setups. Here are the must-have design trends for 2023: 

Longer Kitchen Islands 

One of the hottest trends of 2023 is longer kitchen islands! A lot of newly installed kitchen islands measure over 7 feet long! Longer kitchen islands are ideal for everyday kitchen use, work from home, and provide additional underhand cabinet storage.

Closed Concept Floor Plan

With working from home and remote learning becoming the new norm for many people, there is a greater desire for more privacy within the home. More people are opting not to have open concept floor plans for their kitchen remodels. Instead, favoring closed concept remodels that allow for quiet environments ideal for those working/learning from home. 

Investing More In Counter Tops 

Not only are longer countertops increasing in popularity, but homeowners are notably splurging more on the material of their counter as well. Natural non-engineered stones are slowly gaining popularity over-engineered stones. Investing in your countertop is a decision that will elevate your kitchen remodel and be a gorgeous addition to your home. 

Cabinet Organization 

Spending more time at home has made homeowners prioritize decluttering their spaces. There is a rise in the popularity of specialty organizing cabinets and drawer organizers with that in mind. Installing these cabinets is a great way to maximize the space you already have and is a great way to revamp your kitchen design. 


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