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When planning a kitchen remodel, most people tend to focus on larger items like lighting, flooring and countertops. However, design is in the details too. Certain small upgrades can completely transform your space. Swapping out details such as cabinet hardware will help to create a balance between form and function. 

Whether you are having all new cabinets installed, or having your old cabinets repainted, you’ll need to decide on hardware to match. So what exactly should you pick? Here are some factors to consider when choosing cabinet hardware. 

Cabinet Hardware Materials

Cabinet hardware is available in a variety of materials. These include plastic, wood, glass, nickel, brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze. To make a smart choice, it is important to familiarize yourself with the advantages and downsides of each of the materials. In the end, you should consider investing in quality hardware that will last long and add value to your kitchen remodel.  

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

To ensure the cabinet hardware fits perfectly in your kitchen design, you should choose the right finish. The options available include matte, antique, satin, oil-rubbed, burnished, brushed, polished and tarnished. Brass looks great in a traditional setting and will mature in appearance over time while polished stainless steel will be beautiful in a contemporary kitchen. 

Cabinet Hardware Styles

Although the main purpose of cabinet hardware is function, you will want to install knobs and pulls that complement the overall design style of your kitchen. The hardware can be grouped into four main categories: contemporary, traditional, eclectic and transitional. To ensure the styles match, take time to look at the other elements in the room and mentally picture how the hardware will look in your kitchen.

Handles Vs. Knobs

You will have to decide whether to use knobs, handles, pulls, or a combination of all three! Knobs tend to have comparatively smaller profiles, are less expensive and easier to install. They also work well on both cabinets and drawers. Handles are easier to grip, make a bolder statement and come in a range of sizes. Because the decision comes down to personal preference, you should focus on what feels best in your hands.   

When remodeling your kitchen, it is okay to mix materials and finishes in order to create a more stylish and curated look. At Tom Curren Companies, our experts have the skills and experience to help you ensure a successful project. Contact us to learn more and request our services!


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